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Rockbox Wiki restoration


The Rockbox Wiki was deleted by a malicious hacker from a russian dialup. He used a recently published security hole in TWiki to run the "rm -Rf /" command on the server. The backup was very old, due to technical problems with the backup system. We have restored the backup, and must now manually restore the newer information by scouring search engine caches and recovering deleted files from the disk.

Search engine cache

JonasHaeggqvist and some other heroes have dug up lots of info from the various search engines.

Rasher's Wikirescue page

Missing attachments

We need help restoring lost attachments from the Wiki. Here is a list of the attachments we need.

Undeleted files

LinusNielsenFeltzing has run a forensic analysis tool on the file system and have recovered quite a few files.


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