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Rockbox port to Windows CE/Windows Mobile.


Windows CE for ARM defines a standard platform for cell phones, PDAs, and other embedded ARM devices that can all run the same binaries with little or no modification between targets. A port of GCC for this platform exists (cegcc), and several large projects have been ported to it using SDL (VLC, SCUMMVM). Thus Rockbox could be compiled as a WinCE application and used on Windows Mobile devices.

Furthermore, to aid in development, MS has released a free Windows CE emulator and OS images for most versions of Windows CE, allowing easy development without the need to buy actual Windows CE hardware. Unfortunately, the simulator only runs natively under Windows, or perhaps under Wine. See the cegcc wiki for more info.


Rockbox can be patched to run as an application already, however changes will be required to actually compile with cegcc as not all defines and libraries are available as on a unix system.

See FS#9222

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