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The WPS Gallery

What is the WPS Gallery?

The WPS (While Playing Screen) Gallery is a testament to the creativity of many of the people who have visited and participated in the Rockbox site. This is the result of their desire to make their player look the way they want it to, and to share that vision with others Please note that some of these themes require custom builds which are not supported by the Rockbox team or may be out of date and not appear as intended.

There are guides to creating your own WPS here and here.

WPS Galleries (model-specific)

The WPS Gallery has been split into different pages for each model, which can be accessed with the following links:

WPS Graveyards (model-specific)

The WPS Galleries have been cleared of all WPSs without licenses permitting modification. No uploads to the graveyards are accepted, but you are welcome to license and move your theme.

WPS Upload Guide

Please do not upload themes to these pages. Use the Rockbox Theme site instead

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