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The Toshiba Gigabeat F and X WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author.
When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed.
If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.


Sta Theme and WPS by Soaa.

UPDATED: January 19, 2007.

I finally got around understanding the WPS syntax, so here's my first theme. Font is Segoe UI 12 converted for Rockbox, much cleaned up. Vista inspired, overall clean feel.

Sta.bmp Sta.bmp Sta WPS and Theme

-- AlainTrinh - 19 Jan 2007


Tabs Theme and WPS by Phalangees.

I had a lot of fun making this theme. Any suggestions could be emailed to me if you want. The font for this theme is included with the font pack. No idea why I called this tabs by the way. Album art isn't acutally working yet but this will be updated I promise.

Tabs_menu.bmp tabs_wps.bmp Tabs theme


This is my theme, named after myself. I'm not that good at graphics so most of it is code but it all looks pretty well. I will be updating this again soon so check in every few days.

Ajax Ajax


Back Theme and WPS by Phalangees. [last updated Jan 8, 07] This theme was inspired by the original firmware of the Toshiba Gigabeat. At first I was going to try and make it as close as I could but then it just didn't happen. The background image is completely customizable so you can change it to whatever you want.



Jsunu Theme and WPS by Jason Yu.

This a skin I knocked together with limited knowledge of the wps code. The current Jsunu skin is a beta version [30-12-2006] and more updates will be applied at a later date. This skin can have a custom background by modifying the .png files found in the template folder and saving over the default .bmp. There will be more updates soon.


Pixel Theme and WPS by Jason Yu.

This theme is derived from a unfinished website I was working on. Like the previous theme, Pixel is still a work in progress [1-1-2007] and more will be added at a later date.

Update [1-5-2007 Pixel Beta 8 Changes: *Added: added Vol/Batt Numerical values, album code (thanks perldiver) *Fixes: backdrop, misc changes

Update [1-2-2007] Pixel Beta 7 Changes: *Added: Stop, Pause, Play, FF, RWD, Album art placeholder, Menu Graphics, Disk Activity Indicator *Fixes: Some graphical changes

[instructions: to add album art when you have the required patch remove the * tags at the bottom of the wps pixel document]



Theme and WPS by Dylan McGannon

A theme for rockbox with a grid background and 3 window like sections containing song information, progress and upcoming songs.

download from: Yellowprint.


Black Theme and WPS by Jason Yu.

As with Jsunu, I didn't like the way this skin turned out but I though I would share it anyway.

[update] move around things, added play pause etc.


A theme using LiquidMetal as background, and a modiffied verson of it, Luis Peregrina(rUiSu).



[WPS screen]

Version 1.0

Tranquil is a simple clean design. The design is purely text based and does not utilize any graphics at this stage. Future designs will include graphics. The background image can be easily changed by editing the included “.psd” file.

Design By: hen3rz[at], 20 Jan 2007

Hawaii Theme

This theme was inspired by a photo I took off the cost of Oahu, HI. Hope it puts you in a tranquil mood.
  • A couple of bitmaps used from the Back theme by Phalangees. Thanks.
  • Supports 145x145 Album Art.
  • The font I've uploaded is Courier Bold 10. I've edited the theme around the uploaded font.
    • The font I actually use is Comic Sans Bold 10. If anyone wants the theme and font I use, contact me and I will send it. Pictured on the far right.
  • Only needs the Album Art patch-20070409-v7 on at least a 20070417 build.
    • Many may also want to add the Scrolling margins patch and edit the wps.

HI-240x320x24.png HIm-240x320x24.png HI-ComicSans--240x320x24.png


By -- NathanHale - 23 Feb 2007


This is my 1st crack at making a theme. The artwork for the backdrop & WPS is called "Wings of Apocolypse" and was done by Jerry M. Low. The theme supports scrolling Artist, Album & Year, and Track. It also shows the next track as I personally use shuffle alot. I plan on doing a 2nd version of the same theme with album art support sometime soon. Enjoy!
Updated April 19th 2007 - Fixed time & date tags

7words1.png 7words2.png


By -- JonathanWhittaker - 23 Mar 2007


A graphic-intensive tech-theme WPS. Uses the relatively small Starmap font, changing fonts may compromise the position of some elements. Features skinned displays of battery/charge status and volume, on/off displays for hold, shuffle, and HDD activity, IDv3 tag info for currently playing and upcoming tracks, and meta info for the current track. Your choice of with or without the peak meter (tends to lag).

Updated May 12th, 2007: Fixed an error with the volume knob, where the dropshadow compounded and got darker as the volume went up.

ShortCircuit_1.png ShortCircuit_2.png

Download:, or WITHOUT the peak meter, Download:

By -- BenjaminMiles - 27 Apr 2007


This is my 2nd theme based upon my 1st theme "7WoRDS" with a alot of additional photoshopping. The WPS supports scrolling artist, album, & year. Album art support will be added at a later date. Any questions or comments? Updated: June 18 2007 - Added icons to menus, made backdrop darker for easier list & menu viewing, & added credits. Visit me at

8WoRDS_b.bmp 8WoRDS.png


By -- JonathanWhittaker - 28 May 2007


Big_AA_SVN.png Big_AA_SVN_Menu_Screenshot.png


This is the fist WPS for the Gigabeat (that I know of) that displays album art and does not need an unofficial build. I edited the AABox WPS which was based on the Zunish theme, so props the authors of those themes. It's also my first WPS so props to me for not being lazy. smile

Features include:
  • Recent bugs fixed: conditional display of track number and year
  • 236x236 album art display which is nearly the largest for this target
  • year of release is displayed in parentheses after the album title
  • track number is displayed before track title
  • alternating subline that displays codec, bitrate, genre and playlist info
  • settings for gradient line selector to match the theme background
  • settings for tango_small icons
  • status bar is enabled for this theme
-- JeremyCayot - 02 Jan 2008


Download: Example

This is is a example of wps tags you can use in CustomWPS. This theme shows the tags, what the tags show, and then the actual information. I figured I would do this because i can make wps's when i actually see it first.
i fixed the genre tag
-- JerryLange - 30 Nov 2007

Cabbie BB

cabbieBBaa.png cabbieBBwoaa.png cabieBBmenu.png

This is an adaption of the Cabbie 2.0 theme to viewports, plus a few personal preference changes such as a slightly larger font. Album art is 150x150.


-- AlexParker - 01 Jan 2008




It's a simple theme. I might add more versions of this theme with different colors or backgrounds. Its features are:
  • Alternating next track title and artist information.
  • Graphic volume indicator.
  • Graphic battery indicator.
  • Shuffle icon.
  • Repeat icon.
  • Progress bar with current and total track time.
  • Playlist position.
  • Play/pause/fast forward/rewind icons.
  • Time display.
My email address is in the .wps file, email me if you have any problems or comments about this wps.

-- TsubakiIke - 23 Mar 2008

Vortigo: BlueCubes



It's pretty much the same as the Vortigo theme but with a different background.

-- TsubakiIke - 26 Mar 2008



I made this theme a few months ago and finally got around to uploading it now. Everything is completely original so there is not any infringements. The album art used is 240x240.

Download- Acuity WPS zip files

KyleKamperschroer - 26 Mar 2008


Crillum Menu Crillum no AA Crillum AA


Here's one of my first WPS creations for the Gigabeat F! It was inspired by the jClix theme that was modified while viewports was still in FS. List of features:
  • Viewports for a clean look with most moderately sized fonts (segmcr included as default)
  • 150x150 Album Art, with alternate image when none is present
  • Alternating sub-line displaying "next song" information
  • Completely original images (aside from Rockbox logo) created in Photoshop CS2
Hope you all enjoy, you're welcome to modify this theme if you wish, but if you want to use the images for a theme you plan to upload, please ask for permission first!

-- DaveBerg - 09 Apr 2008

Updated to comply new %pb syntax (wouldn't display correctly otherwise) -- ClementPitClaudel - 06 Jul 2008

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