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iAudio X5 & iRiver H10 (20GB) WPS config file gallery

Please do not upload themes to these pages. Use the Rockbox Theme site instead

This Wiki page contains permissively licensed WPS files for the iAudio X5 series of DAP's and WPS files for the iRiver H10 (20GB). For other models and instructions on how to upload WPS's see WpsGallery.

For all iAudio X5 & iRiver H10 (20GB) WPS files not (currently) released under a permissive license please see WpsIaudioX5Graveyard

Broken Themes

You may run into themes that do not work, this means 1 of 2 things:
1. The theme is broken, or
2. The theme uses patches or features not currently part of SVN.

If after checking to make sure you have the correct build, the theme still does not work you can:

1.request the author fix the theme via email, a forum post or PM etc.

2.fix the theme yourself, you can use a simulator to help you (use the --debugwps switch) :

If you have fixed a theme, the updated version should be uploaded here (only, if the license is compatible, i.e.: CC-by-SA, GPL, etc.). Please honour the original author's intent and don't upload a "fix" which changes features or behavior. If you wish to modify a theme in this manner rerelease it under a new name.

Useful links for editing themes

warning Important warning

In case the theme you choose does not include the required font you should install the Rockbox font pack (install it the same way as a rockbox build).

Download Rockbox Font Pack

Table of Contents


WPS Menu Screen
Version 1.0

This theme is inspired by the Rockbox logo. Originally created and tested on an iPod nano. I've modified it and tested for the iAudio X5 & iRiver H10 (20gb) using the uisimulator software.

Testers wanted. Please leave feedback on forum topic 8541.0

  • Download: (version 1.1)
  • Version 1.1: Now uses Nimbus font family for multi-language support.
  • License: GNU GPL v2
  • This theme disables the default statusbar in both the WPS and "Files and Menu" screens.
Posted by RoanHorning, 29 Jan 2007

Updated to Latest SVN and added screendumps again
Download: (Download: Rockboxed Updated)
-- StephenCarroll - 09 Aug 2008

Ultima v1.0

[Download Ultima]


Released under: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Updated to Latest syntax [Download Ultima_V2]
-- StephenCarroll - 23 Jul 2008

by JamesDenman aka denny.

Cabbie 2.0

cabbie2-iAudioX5-menu.png cabbie2-iAudioX5-WPS.png cabbie2-iAudioX5-WPS-AA.PNG cabbie2-iAudioX5-WPS-AA-Unifont.PNG cabbie2x5unifontrwps.png cabbie2x5defaultrwps.png

A port of the Cabbie 2.0 theme by JohannesVoggenthaler for the iAudio X5 and iriver H10 20GB. NOTE: This theme uses 65x65 cover art images. Comes with rwps'.
DOWNLOAD Cabbie 2.0 Default w/ rwps'
DOWNLOAD Cabbie 2.0 Unifont w/ rwps'

-- MarcGuay - 08 Dec 2007 (Edits by AlexVanderpol on 09 Dec 2007) (Edited by crzyboyster on 15 Dec 2007) (Edits by Johannes Voggenthaler on 05 Jan 2008)


moribund1.bmp moribund2.bmp

This theme was inspired by the ultima theme, features animated batterylife while charging, hold switch will reveal codec info, the alternate backdrop with a skulls included as well, edit the wps and cfg file to use it instead. Uses 64x64 album art.


works w/svn as of June 29, 2008

License: Creative Commons Share Alike

Moribund 2

m2-1.bmp m2-2.bmp m2-3.bmp

New version of the moribund theme. Switch the hold switch to view next track. Uses 64x64 albums art


works with svn as of June 29, 2008

License: Creative Commons Share Alike

Brushed Metal 2.0

brushedmetal2-1.png brushedmetal2-2.png

Version 2.0 of my brushed metal theme, completely redone graphics. Uses 80x80 album art.


works with svn as of June 29, 2008

License: Creative Commons Share Alike

Free-State for iRiver h10 20GB and iAudio X5


Download: The Free-State Theme for iRiver h10 20GB and iAudio X5

This is a port of Saphrano's Free State theme for the Sansa e200. It works with any current build and features conditional viewports for AlbumArt ((75x75)px) display.
  • Fixed: Hold screen. Now also includes time and date display, on seeking, or on hold.
  • Update: The %mv tag is now incorporated. When you change the volume, the hold screen will be displayed.
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

-- DavidKauffmann - 19 Jul 2008


DigiCurve for X5 Pulse theme with alternate display


My second theme for 100x100px covers.

  • boeselhack_v2 screenshot:
Download this theme: (License - "# Released to the Public Domain March 12th 2006")
Updated to latest SVN and ViewPorts
(Download: boeselhack_v2_color_VP)
-- StephenCarroll - 09 Aug 2008

My third theme for 120x120px covers.

  • boeselhack_v3 screenshot:
Download this theme: (License - "# Released to the Public Domain March 12th 2006")
Updated to latest SVN and ViewPorts
(Download: boeselhack_v3_VP)
-- StephenCarroll - 09 Aug 2008


HiPodNextV5 (License - "# Released to the Public Domain March 12th 2006")


Updated to latest syntax
(License - CC-BY-SA (Can he do that??)) -- StephenCarroll - 24 Jul 2008


[WPS screen]

This theme is the rework of |2eM!x's Rocker Theme for iPod Video and SansaE200.

(License - "# Gimme Cred")
Updated to ViewPorts
-- StephenCarroll - 09 Aug 2008
--Posted by PascalBriehl, 21 Apr 2007


After having used Rockbox for over a year now, I decided to create my own themes.


This is a sportive and contrasty theme I completely designed by myself. It's simple and it doesn't distract you from the most important information.
Download: sport_x3
(License - "# Released to the Public Domain March 12th 2006") -- ChristianFraming - 24 Sep 2007
Updated to current syntax
Download: (Download: Sport_x3)
-- StephenCarroll - 23 Jul 2008


Rockbox D2


D2 Rockbox Theme for iAudio X5 Targets (160x128), Loosely based on cowon's D2 Firmware, hence the name.
All graphics were created from scratch.
This theme is completely compatible with current SVN
I hope you like the theme as much as I do!
Thanks to Stephen for updating the theme to current svn!
(License - CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0)
Updated to work with New WPS changes
Download: (Download: D2VP)
(Edited by -- StephenCarroll - 17 Jul 2008) -- JanWillemVanGanswijk - 21 Sep 2008



Silverblue Playing Silverblue Playing

Download: Silverblue 1.0 Beta

Background was created by Scott Blowers, some Icons were from wikimedia - everything else was designed by myself. I hope you like it.
(License - CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0)
-- RubenRichiger - 10 Aug 2008


A simple theme with album art, but still enough space onscreen for lots of information. Requires 50x50 artwork.

Download Ironcrad

License: Public Domain

-- KeithBriscoe - 04 Oct 2008

Grunge (working title)

Grunge theme menu Grunge WPS

Version 1.0
My own personal port from my Gigabeat version. I'm trying to think of a better name, since Grunge is a little too generic. Features include:
  • alternating song info block, showing "Now" and "Next" song info
  • 65x65 album art support, with an alternate image when none is present
  • original artwork created with GIMP
  • works with current SVN builds as of r19484
I would share the source file with those who want it, but I think it's been accidentally deleted during my laptop OS upgrade...

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

-- DaveBerg - 19 Dec 2008

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