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iPod Video WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author. When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed. If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.


Remember those old 45's, well now you can re-live your youth (yes you are getting old) with this classic stylish them based on a 45rpm Vinyl record. Its a very simple theme, afterall those record decks were quite basic, you knew the track was coming to an end as the stylus was closer to the centre. So I've tried to give the feel of what that was like, including the odd speck of dust smile but don't worry there won't be any crackles or pops, or warping effects, just pure music. The images of the vinyl and stylus are from real items I own.

This WPS works with the standard build and does not require any patches.

-- DavidMarsh - 11 April 2007

A Hint of Deviance

Version 1.1

That pretty much sums it up. This is my first theme that I did from scratch, rather then resizing someone elses work, so I'm rather proud of myself for this one. Anyway, if anyone has questions, hit me up at J3susJuLce (aim), Weenesman1352 (yahoo), DanManners (IRC) or 223-297-379 (icq). Enjoy!

A Hint Of Deviance Theme

-- DanManners - 10 Sep 2006

Aardvark Skins #1

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Ajant Orange 5g

AjantOrange5G_WPSv1.1.png AjantOrange5G_Menu.png

This is a reworking of the iRiver theme originally created by Pelinkovac @ Mysticriver.

Version 1.1:- Enlarged the battery & volume icons. Added functionality to the mini-play/pause/fwd/rwd icons. Added HDD activity icon. Added RPG (replaygain) icon, but support for this is yet to be implemented.

The bottom "bar" scrolls through (1) Current Playlist (2) Current Genre (3) Current DJ/Composer (if applicable) (4) Next Track (Artist / Album split over two lines for clarity). The conditional code allows for non-ID3taged music (reading from filename & directory structure).

There are also two fonts included. helvR12 (regular - first image above). helvB12 (bold - second image above).

Ajant Blue 5g


As above, but in blue wink


AluminArt1.png AluminArt2.png


Here's my first theme for a standard Rockbox build, with large album art displayed on a dark brushed aluminum background. Despite appearances, the multifont patch is NOT needed!

  • Album art 200x200, blank CD shown when cover is unavailable.
  • Less important info shown in smaller system font (including artist and album, which I assume are apparent from the album art).
  • Rockbox logo flashes white when hard disk is in use.
  • Photoshop sources included (you'll need them if you want to move things around, at least if you want drop shadows on icons and boxes correctly displayed over the background).
  • Recommended scrolling settings: maximum speed (15), minimum step size (1 pixel).
  • Rockbox logo taken from the Cabbie 2.0 theme by Yohann Misquitta(?). Icons very loosely based on Cabbie 2.0 icons.
  • The background is a photoshopped version of the Brushed Metal background by Zakk Roberts.
  • Blank CD image found at, creator unknown.
  • Handwritten font on the blank CD is made by Matt Chrisholm (as seen in the Pen&Paper theme).
Feedback welcome, please post in this forum thread.

I'd like to release this theme under a suitable license for use in the upcoming Rockbox 3.0 release, provided I obtain permission from the above people.

This theme needs a nearly comprehensive album art collection. To easily find the best available album art for your music, I recommend the marvelous (and free) Album Art Downloader by Alex Vallat:

-- NiclasMattsson - 20 Jul 2008


Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Arctic Desert


A first attempt at Arctic Desert for the 5G. The hold and led icons are not used, but are in the zip file if anyone wants to put them in the wps.

Original by Itay Lazarovitch, adapted for 5G iPod by MarkAlexander.

BUILD: standard
DOWNLOAD: Zip file.

Updated version with hold and led icons, by Charles Marquardt:

DOWNLOAD: Zip file.

Back in Black

Simple dark theme with large fonts and 200x200 album art. Loosely based on the Slick let it blue theme Do with it what you will

-- DuhhOne - 24 May 2007

Basketball Theme

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

By BaseballGuy

Smooth Black With Album Art (There isn't one without Album Art)

Menu.png WPS.png Download: Black_AA

This is my first theme. It is mostly black. It displays Album Art, current song information and the next song title. The actual name was "Black with album art", but I someone already named their's that, So my theme file might say "Black with Album Art" it is actualy "Smooth Black with Album Art". Sorry.

-- KevinDurbin - 03 Jun 2008

Black Glass (Album Art Version)

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Black Glass (Non-Album Art Version)

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Black Theme


Simple Black Theme.

Whats New
  • removed duplicate next song fields which could cause Rockbox to crash when a long field needed to scroll (Petey Leinonen)
  • added missing ffwd.bmp graphic (Petey Leinonen)

Black Theme (with Album Art)


Simple Black Theme with Album Art

You will need rockbox with the Album Art patch to use this theme.

original by Andrew Melville, modified by Petey Leinonen (Orfax)

Whats New
  • removed duplicate next song fields which could cause Rockbox to crash when a long field needed to scroll (Petey Leinonen)
  • added missing ffwd.bmp graphic (Petey Leinonen)
  • updated album art tags to the latest Album Art patch (Petey Leinonen)



Well, finally it's here. Sorry this one took so long, and I'm sorry for the wait. This theme doesn't need any special builds or anything, so enjoy it.

Download: Blackbird

-- DanManners - 22 Oct 2006

Bloodstained Version 2

Bloodstained is my second theme that I made from scratch. I will be updating. Comes with Font, Backdrop, WPS, and Theme. Hope you like it!


MODIFY: I remade the theme, and I fixed quite a few bugs. Anyways, I'll hopefully be coming out with version 2.5 or 3 soon. Enjoy!


-- DanManners - 24 Oct 2006


BlurPod Menu BlurPod WPS


This WPS works with the standard build and does not require any patches.

  • Hold Switch display
  • Play/Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind display
  • Shuffle & Repeat display
  • Virtual LED
  • Sleep display
  • 7 step Volume display
  • 5 step Battery display + charging
  • Rating display
  • Next song info
  • Alternating RTC and Battery Time Left display
Background image taken from
Other graphics: default Photoshop custom shapes.
Download the PSD source here: BlurPod.psd

More at

-- StefanSaftescu - 10 Jun 2007

BlurPod _AA

BlurPod_AA WPS


Album Art version of Blur Pod, no longer requires any patches. Now is album art aware and will format center if no art is present and to the right of the album art if album art is found.

Updated: TravisTooke - 01 Jul 2008 .

Features: same as Blur Pod.

More at

Brushed Metal


A simple theme that has a nice amount of information but remains rather simple and clean. Uses font xtal-14. Includes a brushed metal background for file browser as well.

by Zakk Roberts.

Burnt Sunset

A theme I made from scratch, using Photoshop and a picture of a sunset I found on Google.

EDIT Wow... The picture I used for the backdrop ended up being taken by someone on here... Crazy...Anyways, I should really give him props.

Backdrop photo courtesy of Ryan Sawhill

Download: Burnt Sunset

Cabbie iPod

Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

-- DavidMarsh - 13 April 2007

Car v1.0

Car Theme v1.0

Very simple theme with a large font, designed to be used in a car-mounted iPod.

Very Large Font
Unique Progress Meter

ter-u32b.fnt (Included in the zipfile)

Download: Car Version 1.0]

Clean Dark Remodel for 5G VERSION 2

Clean Dark VERSION 2

PussFeller made this, I resized and remodeled it for the iPod 5G. Hope ya like it!

VERSION 2: This has quite a few changes, and I have essentially remodeled the entire WPS. Download:
Clean Dark Remodel: Clean Dark
-- DanManners - 24 Oct 2006


clearview_menu.png clearview_player.png

I made this based on the Black Glass theme. It views the default backdrop of the player when playing music. This allows you to change the background of the player at will by changing backdrops!

-- DwaineBurroughs - 13 Jan 2008


Cobalt1 Cobalt2 Cobalt File Preview

This theme was inspired by an old Samsung flash player's UI. All graphics are my own.

Now You can use this theme WITHOUT patches !!! - JerryLange


by CarlSlomowitz - 22 Feb 2007

Cool Blue v1 and v1.1

This is a Cool Blue Theme. It Uses Art From DeviantArt, And The Background Is From Mc Cool On iPodWizrd. It Is Still Missing The Hold Button.

Cool_Blue_b.png Cool_Blue.png Cool_Blue_c.png Download v1:
  • It Does Need A Build With Scrolling Patches. You Have Evilg123 - Only Ice Or Fusion. Or Senabs.

  • Version 1.1 Only If You Want Theme Icons:
Cool_Blue_v1.1_b.png Cool_Blue_v1.1.png Cool_Blue_v1.1_c.png

Download v1.1:

  • Update v1.1: Works Now ONLY With New ICE Build From Evilg123. And Has Theme Icons Which Install Automatically.

-- BenKolodny - 20 Apr 2007



Created By: Kaleb Anderson

Dark Geek

Dark Geek theme

A simple console based theme designed to display important information in a clean and clear way.

by AndrewMason

DockPod (GeoffStokes's Fixed Version)

Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Dockpod Remix

Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

DOS Blue

This is my first .wps. It is a simple theme for the iPod Video 5g. Based loosely on an MS DOS screen format. The only graphics are the backgrounds, everything else is text (just like DOS used to be). Despite its simplicity, it has a clarity that makes it easy to see what you want to see.

Features:"disk" and "lock" change to "DISK" and "LOCK" when active. The "Next up:" text at the bottom scrolls all the info about the next track.

Everything else should be self explanatory. I should point out though, that the track info does not scroll. This was intentional as I wanted the theme to be usable without having to add any patches, which the novice user may struggle with.

-- DavidMarsh - 07 Mar 2007



Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius


FlameBox Non-AA


Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius
Edit by JerryLange to make non album art version



Flow Theme

This is my first WPS for the iPod. Inspired by the iPhone and its cover flow feature, I came up with this. Enjoy! Tested with EvilG build, but should work on any build with AlbumArt, Bitmap Resize, Customline, Multifont & Multifont-userfonts patches.

by Mark Coleman

Glass N Shadows v1.1


Download: Glass N Shadows v1.1

It's taken a little while, but I've finally finished the Glass N Shadows theme pack (and by "finished" I mean that I'm sufficiently satisfied with it that I'm willing to let others see it"). I've chosen 4 "natural setting" images to serve as the tie-together. Hopefully this makes the theme a little more appealing to greater number of people. NOTE - As far as I know, all of the images that I've used are free for non-commercial use. If you believe differently, please let me know at my web site, listed below. I will always do my best to respect the private property / ideas of others.

About the themes: There is no special Rockbox build needed. The themes look best (and were intended to be run) with the "icons" turned on, and the "line selector type" set to pointer. Album art is supported @ 100x100. Song rating is supported. All files needed are included in the pack (this includes icons, fonts etc.) I have 2 more in the set that I did not include in this package. Both use Texas sports team logos, and I didn't want to violate any copyrights on this site. If you would like to get the full pack, including the 2 extras, you can do so at my website As always feel free to leave me some constructive (notice the word "constructive") criticism by clicking the email link at my site.

EDIT 1 (06/24/2008) - Since I've had a couple of requests for alternate Texas sports team themes, I decided to make a separate sports pack. There are now an additional 11 sports themes that can be downloaded.

EDIT 2 (07/11/2008) - I have upgraded the Glass-N-Shadows theme pack to version 1.1. All themes in the pack should work with the current (as of 07/11/2008) Rockbox build.

-- KevinClift - 13 Jun 2008


HiPod Dark X5 Remodel for 5G

I take no credit for making this theme. Kudos to AlanDavies for making the original theme for the Nano. I Only modified the wps slightly to make it work for the 5G iPod and a few of the icons to make them fit on the different screen size. Hope you like it!

EDIT: I FIXED THE VOLUME ISSUE!! Again, you have no idea how sorry I am, considering I managed to kick the volume up to 0 on myself at 4:30 in the morning. Not fun. Again, to anyone's ears I killed, I owe you all for bearing with me. If anyone has any requests (That I won't completely mess up) for me to do, let me know. My AIM is J3SUS JuLce, so drop me a note if you have a request. Again, I'm truely Sorry for messing up the cfg.


HiPod Dark iPod5G: HiPod Dark iPod 5G
-- DanManners - 29 Aug 2006


HVanSimple_menu_screen.png HVanSimple_now_playing_screen.png

Download: HVanSimple

I know there are a number of "simple" wps/themes here, but they either seemed too simple for me (I wanted more detail) or too complex/busy (I use my iPod in the car, and I need to read everything at a quick glance). This theme has a large (and simple) enough font ("9+18x18" from the font pack) and clear enough colors. It displays all the track title/artist/album/year info, and falls back on filenames and directory names if id3 info is not available. The WPS file is also somewhat commented, in case others wish to see what I have done, or to modify it for their use. This is my first "released" WPS/theme, so please let me know if there are any problems.

-- HaroldVan - 25 Feb 2008



This is my first theme. It's fairly simple but I like the way it turned out. It's setup to be the exact oposite of the standard rockbox theme. It's not structured, informative, or clean. There's displays for all the standard functions(play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and hold), a five level battery meter, and a volume meter down at the bottom. Any and all comments/suggestions are welcome.

all files needed are included -- Joel Colden - March 23 2007


iPhoneLike.png iPhoneLike.png

With the iPhone as the obvious inspiration, this theme, called "iPhoneLike," is based off the iPodWidgets theme (with additional credit due to the original arboxWidgets theme by Humberto Santana). This WPS is compatible with recent daily builds (as of July 2008) and features conditional viewports, various "widgets" including clock and calendar, battery charging animation, next track information using the hold switch (with album art), and alternate song display with no album art. This theme is made for 200 x 200 album art, but smaller art will also display just fine. Enjoy!

-- Mark Coleman - July 30, 2008

iPod Blue5g


First and foremost, credit goes to PiesJulius for porting this theme from the original by GTS-R (all of which is mentioned above in PiesJulius’ original entry)—This blue version wouldn’t be possible without his work on the original green theme.

IMPORTANT: In order for this theme to properly work, you need to have the same patches required for the iPod Green5g theme (again, as mentioned in PiesJulius’ original post).

by ShaunPatel - 26 Apr 2006

iPod Green5g


This theme is a port of the "another .wps wannabe!" theme, I'm not sure who did this theme, but here is the link where I found it: so most of the credits go to GTS-R and I would specially thank him for including the .pds file in the zipped theme it made my work a lot easier!

UPDATE (20060612): Album Art Support (100x100), OnScreen Keyboard Fix.

FIXED:PJ_green@EvilG's bugfixes
(also fixed: PJ_blue and PJ_purple)
BR% IMPORTANT: these themes require a patched version of rockbox using patches written by pijulius see here
you can use either: Rockbox jbuild!
(look for rockbox-jbuild-YYYYMMDD-$yourdevice$.tar.gz)
or EvilG's build (Fusion flavor), use the link or see the Unsupported builds forum

If you wish to make your own build, you can find all the patches here * Download PSD here

iPod Purple5g


A girlfriend switched to Rockbox and really wanted something purple, so I hue-shifted Julius' classic wps (20060929 version) real quick. Here it is in case anyone else finds themself in a similar situation. And no, I didn't fix the backwards rewind graphic.

by Ryan Sawhill (ryran) - 27 Jan 2007

iPod Red5g

This is just a simple recolor of the great theme, iPod Green5g, provided to us by P.I.Julius.

Note: For this theme to work correctly, follow all instructions provided in the post "ipod Green5g".

by Anthony Ma - 29 July 2007

iPod Theme Pack

blueberry Blueberry Theme BlueGrunge Blue Grunge Theme isuka Isuka Theme iPirate iPirate Theme

These themes are actually basically for the normal iPod firmware. However, I borrowed some of the icons from each, made a few, modified a few, and turned them into themes for the iPod 5G RockBox.

So ya, I hope you like these. Nothing special, but I personally like them. for simplicity. Anywho, Hope you enjoy them!

Blue Grunge, Isukai, iPirate, and Blueberry Themes: Blue Grunge, Isukai, iPirate, and Blueberry Themes
-- DanManners - 02 Sep 2006

iPod Vision 5G

iPod Vision 5G

This theme is made to mimic the WPS found on the Creative Vision M. Theme includes, a helvetica font (helvB12-L1.fnt), backdrop, and theme file. This is a version 1.0 first stab and is missing some features such as cover art support and battery indicator graphics.

iPod Vision 5G (With Album Art)

iiPod Vision 5G Album Art iPod Vision 5G Album Art

This is the same exact theme as the iPod Vision 5G, but with Album Art.
You will need rockbox with the Album Art and Scrolling Margins Patches to use this theme.

Cover images are 75x75.

Edit 18/03/06: margins added

iRock v2

iRock v2

  • displays 100x100 cover art when available / takes full screen width for text only if CA not available
  • date and clock info + icons become accurate volume + battery info + icons when HOLD button is ON
  • colored volume scale
  • animated battery icon when under charging
  • HDD activity virtual LED
delivered with theme settings, backdrop and font (helvB12-L1.fnt)

v2 update: added playlist icon and redispatched info on screen.


by Gaston

jBlackGlass Themes

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

jBlackGlass Themes (viewports compatible)

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

jClix Themes

Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

jClix for SVN (current builds)

Removed for copyright reasons -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008


joshPod preview

This theme is a extreemly modified version of the Linart theme found on the rockbox forums... I've pretty much completely redone the GUI, just leaving the WPS coding. (I liked the way it displayed the file info, and didn't see any reason to change it) Theme includes: a font (chicago12.fnt), backdrop (peace.bmp), and theme file. It DOES use custom colors, so if you don't want your custom colorscheme to be messed with, edit that out of the .cfg file.

This is very much a work-in-progress, and still needs a bit of polishing.

New in 1.1: Re-did a bunch of the graphics, including the rating stars, play/pause icons in title bar, and the volume/progress bar. Also: removed the virtual HD LED, fixed positioning error with the year.

by JoshPowell

Lights v1.1

Lights v1.1

I finally finished a theme I started the day the original BlackGlass theme came out. This theme has that wonderful theme as it's core, but only barely. The only things it shares with that theme are the placement and size of the 100x100 album art, and a very rough similarity in the text placement.

-The filename for the current song is listed in the upper section, and the filename for the next file is in the lower section. I did this specifically for me, to aid in listening to (and deleting) podcasts, where the file name is sometimes nothing like the show title.
-The time elapsed/total/remaining is shown in a logical way. This idea was borrowed from the Brushed Metal theme.
-Original "lightbulbs" graphics for play/pause/ff/rw/stop, the battery, and the volume meter.
-Volume meter shows db rating in text that moves with the volume bar.

Album Art patch
nimbus-12.fnt (Included in the zipfile)

Download: Lights v1.1

Linart II Theme

Linart_II_01.png Linart_II_02.png

Update: v1.04

Linart II Theme is a modifed version of the orignal Linart theme. Linart II now supports both the Chinese and Eastern European ID3 Tags. It contains the font file "nimbus+uming+cyr+heb-14" contributed by Zoide from Rockbox forums.


v1.04 corrects a bug that WPS doesn't seems to accept long font file name. Now "nimbus+uming+cyr+heb-14.fnt" is renamed as "nimbus+uming2-14.fnt".


by Greenleaves

Minty blue


A minimalist modification of Green, this dispenses with most of the icons, uses the default status bar, adds a lovely background, adds scrolling titles and albums, and displays composer tags if you have them (artists if you don't). No album art.

BUILD: standard
DOWNLOAD: Zip file.



Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius

BUILD: unsupported
RECOMMENDS:Senab Build EvilG build
PATCHES: Album Art, Scrolling Margins, (BMP resize)

NatureBox Non-AA


Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius
Edit by JerryLange to make NonAA version

Night Theme


I use this theme at night when in bed with the lights out. It is good to see then, but so dark it isnt showing up here. It has exactly the same layout as the Black Theme above, but it has a different text colour and darker icons.

Nintendo Wiipod

IMPORTANT: This WPS requires a Rockbox build that has the Scrolling Margins patche applied to it.Senab's build or my own EvilG build will do.

Decided to make this font on a complete whim, quite possibly my best theme to date. It focuses on displaying track information in a neat, easy to read way integrated into a stylish WPS that focuses on the "Wiimote". The + pad serves as the playback buttons, the A button has been transformed into a volume level indicator and the power button into a battery indicator. The indicator colors change from grey>red>yellow>green>blue>Wii blue as battery level increases. The simple shuffle and repeat buttons are displayed on the bottom left of the wiimote. In tune with the wii's attitude the WPS uses a revolutionary curved progress bar instead of a straight one.Track information is displayed in the following order (from top to bottom) Album, Artist, Song, Next song info (altenates Song/Artist/Album for 5sec/3sec/3sec) The info is displayed in the priority ID3 tag>Directory/Filename>Unknown.

-- GaryLight - 02 Mar 2007

Nudel Green 5G

nudel green no patches nudel green album art

Theme for the iPod Video/5G. Now only one version. Is album art aware and will still have border around your album art as before. Album Art is100x100, but you can have other sized art with the Bmp Resize patch. Matching menu background supplied. Features charging and hold icons as well as the usual stuff.

More screenshots and the Photoshop PSD source file can be found here.

by Leo Davidson Edited by Travis Tooke on 01Jul2008



Just a theme. IMO, fits pretty nice on black iPods!



A variation of phk1.



♪ Another one of my "weird" themes. This theme is based on an old TV.

The channel selector knob rotates according to the player mode status. The fader volume slides.

The phkTV_sm version only works with builds with Scrolling Margins patch applied, preventing that tracks with long titles to exceed out of the proper area.

You can leave a feedback HERE


  • Download: For builds with Scrolling Margins patch applied



This is a theme I did in tribute to the classic "Mighty Mighty" Van Halen from the early age.

  • The Volume section has a "chicken head" vintage knob, that drives a guitar amp stack with 8 speakers. As the volume is increased, the knob rotates and the speakers goes "lighting"
  • The battery level is measured by an analog VU meter
  • A vinyl record icon indicates Disk Activity
  • A locker icon for the Hold
  • Player status icons (Play/Pause/FF/Rew)
  • Shuffle mode icon
  • Repeat modes icons
  • Volume displayed in dBs
  • Battery level displayed in percentage
  • Clock display
  • Current track info: Name/Artist/Album
  • Next track info: Name and Artist alternatings
  • Track position on the playlist
  • Elapsed and remaining track time (Flashs when in Pause)
  • Track properties: Format/Kbs/Constant or Variable Bitrate

You can leave a feedback HERE

Hope you enjoy ♪

* Download:


♪ In my opinion, this is the masterpiece of my themes.

For the first time, I tried to be a few near to reality, with some details and daring to use 3D perspective plan. I liked the result.

  • The Play/Pause/Rew/FF keys got movement like a real tape-deck, according to the player status.
  • The Shuffle and Hold moving as push-buttons.
  • A five position switch moves representing the Repeat modes.
  • The led meters are used to display Volume and Battery levels graphically, with numerical info below.
  • A led indicates Disk Activity
  • The progress bar is the tape itself, filling the cassete window. Obviously, just a symbolization, very far from a real tape movement, that goes from one reel to the other.
  • The counter displays the current track time.
  • The reels spins according the direction and speed status.
I did some versions with 3 pannel colour optons. A green (a), a blue (b) and a traditional grey/brown (c).

To work perfectly, this theme requires a build with "scrolling margins" patch applied, to keep the current track info properly inside the cassete area.

But, for anyone who wants to try this theme, I did versions to work with standard builds too. However, you must know that long current track titles will exceed their proper place.

You can post feedback or doubts here

  • Download phkTAPE pack for patched builds with scrolling margins

-- The files included in the zip below (.cfg & .wps) contain a set of instructions (which comply with the current Rockbox WPS syntax) that allow the original phkTAPE themes to function on current Rockbox builds. (this zip does not contain or redistribute any of the theme’s original files or it’s content; the copyrights over the original phkTAPE themes remain all as intended by the original author, Paulo Henrique Kikunaga)

Download WORKS ON CURRENT BUILDS (This download: HumbertoSantana-- 5 Nov 2009 [Updated - Thanks to "ZonderP"])

Instructions: Download and install as any other theme, after downloading and installing the original phkTAPE themes. Uses 12-Nimbus.fnt font, included in the extra Rockbox font pack that you can download here


♪ This guitar based theme got both Gibson and Fender characteristics mixed. A Les Paul Jr body with a P-90 "soap bar" single pick up, and a SG pickguard style. A Fender type bridge, knob and switch. Please, don't ask me why the 5 position switch if just have one pick-up... stick out tongue

  • The Battery level is graphically displayed in the pickup polepieces, with the percent too
  • The Volume level is displayed graphically by the rotating VOL knob, with the dB info too
  • A pick represents the player status (Play/Pause/Rew/FF)
  • A 5-position switch for the Repeat modes
  • The output jack flashs red to indicate Disk Activity
  • The track name infos are displayed on the pickguard
  • Two switchs indicates the Shuffle and Hold modes
I made two versions of this theme: Normal version works on standard builds. And sm version works on builds with Scrolling Margins patch applied, to keep the track name info properly inside the pickguard area.

You can post feedback or doubts HERE


♪ This theme is based on a guitar amp, or any kind of some vintage gear...

  • For the Volume, a led meter with a rotating knob. The dB level is displayed below
  • A cross-switch with a multi-led display shows the player status (Play/Pause/Rew/FF)
  • Clock display
  • A 5-position switch indicate the Repeat modes
  • On/Off switch and yellow led for Shuffle
  • On/Off switch and red led for Hold
  • A vacuum-tube that flashs "warm" behind the holed silver plate, indicates the Disk Activity
  • The battery level is displayed by a "transversal" analog VU, with the percentage below
  • Track info: Name/Artist/Album
  • Elapsed and remaining track time (Flashs when in Pause)
  • Track position on Playlist
  • Track properties: Format/kbps/Variable or Constant bitrate
  • Next track info: Name/Artist alternatings
You can post feedback or doubts HERE

  • Download phkAMP_UK This is a version for UK Rockboxers who are familiarized with the inverted position of the ON/OFFswitchs.
-- PauloHenriqueKikunaga - 27 Jul 2007


♪ phkOSC is my new theme based on an oscilloscope.

  • Current track info: Name/Artist/Album
  • The Progress Bar is a "waveform being analysed"
  • Track properties: Format/kbps/Variable or Constant bitrate
  • Current track elapsed and remaining time (Flashs when in Pause)
  • Track position on Playlist
  • The Volume section has a rotating knob and a led scale. The level in dB is also displayed
  • A 5-position knob in set with a eletroluminescent display shows the Player Status (Play/Pause/FF/Rew)
  • 5 buttons for the Repeat Modes (Off/All/One/Shuffle/A-B)
  • Toggle switch and yellow led for Shuffle
  • Toggle switch and red led for Hold
  • A red led for Disk Activity
  • Clock display
  • The battery level is displayed by a group of led meters.The percentage level is also displayed
  • Next track info: Alternating Name/Artist
"Analyse your music with phkOSC theme"

You can post feedback or doubts HERE

  • Download phkOSC There are two versions included: phkOSC uses nimbus-12 fonts and phkOSC_tah uses tahomabd fonts.
-- PauloHenriqueKikunaga - 29 Aug 2007



This is the most stupid idea ever.

Allows you to "transform" your iPod video into an iPod nano.

I did this just to check my iPod video themes that I transport to nano version. This way, I can see exactly what is showed on a real nano player screen, cause the simulator "lies" a few, mainly cause it has a bigger screen than a real nano.

I made this using the phkVH theme, but you can easily do the same with any other nano theme (for use with standard buids). For those who wants, check HERE

ATTENTION: This only works on iPod video with Scrolling Margins patch applied build, like evilG or senab builds.




♪ Wow! New feature on Rockbox? Now we can access internet with Rockboxed iPod stick out tongue

No, this is a theme I did reproducing the Rockbox Forums layout. For those who are addicted to Rockbox Forums.

The link icons represents the player status and modes. The progress bar is not really a bar, but the word "ROCKBOX" being writen in loop on a field. The volume and battery has "graphical" modes too. The browse backdrop is based on a topic layout.

There's nothing much to say. Just a funny and "weird" theme again.

PS: Don't forget to Login! Just open .wps file with text editor, replacing PHK by your name. ♪



A theme based in cartoon??



A tribute to Frank Zappa.

by Paulo Henrique Kikunaga.



Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius


PurpBox Non-AA


Color edit of Senabs frostBox
Edit by ChrisBeer aka Corius
Edit by JerryLange to make nonAA version

Red Glass- A Black Glass edit

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Retro Sci Fi Terminal - Green


For the l33t hax0rz, or people who just like sci-fi movies smile Attached zip contains backdrop, font, and wps. Don't hesitate to comment by mail

Retro Sci Fi Terminal - Orange


Same as above, but an orange (or "amber") version.


A new theme pack by Mike. This one is the first time I've used a "hold" feature. All the pictures found on Google, so credit to the people who took them. No special builds required. Comes with 7 themes.

Download: ROCKBlocks


Album Art mod of the original ROCKBlocks theme pack which uses the rockbox logo as a progressbar slider. Now is album art aware. If no art is found will text will center, else will align to the left of the album art. This theme pack requires the Custom List patch, and the Progressbar-Slider patch. The easiest and probably best way is to just use tdtooke Underground build.

Download: Installation: extract to the root of your iPod.

-- TravisTooke - 01 Jul 2008



RockSki theme by Aaron Goltz. This theme is based of the old MS game SkiFree. The skier indicated whether the play is paused, playing rewinding or fast forwarding, and the Yeti will come out when the hold switch is engaged... Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I chose not to have a graphical volume or battery life display as it didn't seem necessary.


UPDATED: v1.1 April 29 2007

Since Simplex fits the white ipods, I had the realization to make a version that goes with the black ipods with inverted colors. Besides that everything else is the same as Simplex.

Installation: extract to the root of your iPod.

-- GaryLight - 11 Apr 2007


A new minimalist theme i've made, quite contemporary using a new style volume icon.
Currently uses Tango icon set, but i'm currently creating a new minimalist one for slant.

Created by: ChrisBanes (senab)



Basically, just recolors of DanManners' Bloodstain. He said I could do it, so here it is. Enjoy.

Download: StainPack
Photoshop PSD

Starry Eyed Surprise

UPDATED: v1.2 May 12 2007

A theme I made based on an image I liked and the Twilight theme by Trent McPheron. Added Album Art and shaded areas so the text isn't distorted. Information in the WPS: Battery level, Time and Date, Track Title, Artist, Album, numeric and graphic (knob on the turntable) volume level, upcoming track info. The track info is in the priority of ID3 tag>Directory/Filename>Unknown.

IMPORTANT: This WPS requires a Rockbox build that has the Album Art and Scrolling Margins patches applied to it.Senab's build or my own EvilG build will do.


Installation: extract to the root of your iPod.

-- GaryLight - 25 Feb 2007


A new theme from the mind of Mike. I used a lot of metal-engraving effects on this one. Enjoy!

Download: Stele

The Mixing Bowl

UPDATED: v1.1 April 29 2007

A WPS that pays tribute to the website; it is inspired by the color scheme, logo and image gallery of the site. No album art in this WPS as I wanted the Logo to be visible at all times you can add it by putting this code in at the end of the WPS file


Information in the WPS: Battery level (graphic and time), Time and Date, Numeric volume Level, Track Title, Artist, Album, and Genre, (upcoming track info, too) The track info is in the priority of ID3 tag>Directory/Filename>Unknown.

IMPORTANT: This WPS requires a Rockbox build that has the Album Art (if you add it to the WPS) and Scrolling Margins patches applied to it.Senab's build or my own EvilG build will do.

Installation: extract to the root of your iPod.

-- GaryLight - 25 Feb 2007

Theme X Glow

An edit off my original Theme X. This one is darker and boasts eye-catching blue and white glows that will make everyone envious of your ipod!

Theme X Glow

-- AnthonyRussell - 23 Sep 2006

Theme X

The first theme I've made for RockBox. It has a Windows Vista feel.

Theme X

-- AnthonyRussell - 23 Sep 2006

Theme X HighBar

Just like Theme X, but this one has the progress bar above the info box. This one also comes with 3 different backdrops.

Theme X HighBar

-- AnthonyRussell - 23 Sep 2006

Turntable 2


Theme based on the original Turntable that was found in the Nano Mistic River site. (I unfortunately can not find who originally did it). Does not support covers. Has current and coming next album information and a progress bar. First attempt at customizing a WPS so feel free to provide feedback.

by Shawn Looker

edit by GustavoLang

I've taken the liberty to create a zip with this same theme, organized with the proper directories. I've added cfg files designating the proper font, icons, and backdrops and organized 8 WPS's with the various colored backdrops included in the original zip.


This theme is based on a ubuntu linux window. Made with gedit editor and GIMP Image Editor running on ubuntu, the theme can claim to have the right pedigree.

On the play screen, the top line contains a padlock (for the hold switch), battery meter graded in 10 steps (shown with full and half bars), the volume and the date. The transport controls are fairly obvious, whichever is active is highlighted. There is no PAUSE or STOP image as this is indicated by the play button not being highlighted. Disk activity is show by the icon that looks like 3 stacked CDs. The Artist, Album and Track name scroll if the are too big to fit the screen. The progress bar has track count and time displayed. Under that is the track format and bitrate, followed lastly by a scrolling line displaying what track is "Coming Up:" next.


This WPS works with the standard build and does not require any patches.

UPDATE: -Errors fixed! Now works in current build!

-- DavidMarsh - 08 Mar 2007

White Lights v1.1

WLights v1.1 | WLights v1.1

Based on Lights, this has a mostly white background which should help battery life a little.

-The filename for the current song is listed in the upper section, and the filename for the next file is in the lower section. I did this specifically for me, to aid in listening to (and deleting) podcasts, where the file name is sometimes nothing like the show title.
-The time elapsed/total/remaining is shown in a logical way. This idea was borrowed from the Brushed Metal theme.
-Original "lightbulbs" graphics for play/pause/ff/rw/stop, the battery, and the volume meter.
-Volume meter runs the correct way now (a problem with the original lights).
-ROCKbox logo!

Album Art patch (To see Album art. WPS will work without it)
nimbus-12.fnt (Included in the zipfile)

Download: White Lights v1.1
-- WesleyClifford - 22 Aug 2006

X and O

I started this a while ago, TOTALLY forgot about it, so hope you like it. I didn't make the background someone on deviantart did, so I credit whomever it was, but it wasn't me. Making that clear. Oh, and before anyone asks, no, the name is not based on anything.

X and O -- DanManners - 12 Jan 2007

Xbox 360 5G

Xbox 360 theme. The basis for it was designed by Microsoft, edited then by ryan2632, and then I finished it. So credit him as well as me. Thanks, hope you like it!

Xbox 360 Theme -- DanManners - 12 Jan 2007


Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

-- BenKolodny - 21 Apr 2007

Yankees v1.12

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

-- BenKolodny - 21 Apr 2007

Yankees v2

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

-- BenKolodny - 21 Apr 2007

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