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iPod Nano WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author. When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed. If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.


Z-Nano Theme Z-Nano Main

This is a mash up theme. It is a combination of attributes and design features from Neeon Black by Dmitry Borzenkov, and iPod Vision by Aaron Gonzalez so all the design cred goes to them. I just swapped things around and made a few tweaks of my own.

My personal tweaks include...
- Edit to color and design of images.
- Edit of the volume display code to show decibel view
- Addition of time to the WPS screen
- Use of scroll code for titles
- Use of conditionals to show file and folder names if ID tags are not present.

Download Z-Nano Theme

by Steven Zych

Neeon Nano Black

Neeon Nano Black theme

Nothing special here - just wanted my Nano be compledely black'n'sexy smile Based on Leonid Frolov's iPod_nano source, so a bigup and a respect go to him!
Download Neeon Nano Black

by Dmitry Borzenkov

Windows Media Player Classic Nano

A very simple windows media player classic scheme. All controls work. Enjoy.
* Use the Atadore Font

Nano Cover Art

NanoCoverArt screenshot NanoCoverArt screenshot

This theme is designed for an iPod nano sized screen. It's based around displaying the cover art.

The theme uses the maximum cover art size (currently 100x100) and tries to fit a few extra bits of information down the side as well. It uses the built in status bar at the top, to pack most of the useful info into a compact space. At the bottom you have the traditional Title/Artist/Album triplet, which alternates between the current track and the next track.

I've used the 6x9 font in the screenshots. You can also get away with nedore-9.fnt for better readability, but the song title bumps up against the cover art a bit.

* Download:
* Font: 6x9.fnt
* Resent Changes: Updated to current album art patch tag format

WPS code:
%ar%pp of %pe   
%arin playlist 

%ar%?in<Album  |>
%ar%?in<Track %in |>
%ar%?iy<Year %iy |>

%ar%fb Kbps %?fv<avg|cbr>
%m|100|%ar%pc / %pr

Black Glass MGr

A modified version of Black Glass by MarkusGritsch.

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Brushed Metal Nano


A nano-formatted version of Brushed Metal for the iPod 5G (thanks to MarcinPasierb for help). chicago12 font. Background included.

Rockamp Nano

Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517

Rockamp Nano-Blue

Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517


iPod_nano screenshot iPod_nano menu screenshot

This theme looks like as an original iPod nano theme.

by Leonid Frolov

iPod Vision Nano

iPod Vision Nano screenshot iPod Vision Nano Menu screenshot

This is the original iPod Vision 5G theme resized for the nano. No album art. Note: this is not my own design, credits go to original creator Aaron Gonzalez, who made this skin for the iPod 5G

by JuyuJohns

GreenAge V2

GreenAge V2 ScreenShot 1 GreenAge V2 ScreenShot 2

The heart at the top left corner spins according to the playing state. (ie. spin slow when playing, no animation when stopped, blinking when paused, spin fast when seeking forward, spin fast backwards when seeking backwards)

by MikeChow

iPod nano Tango

iPod nano Tango ScreenShot 1 iPod nano Tango ScreenShot 2

Well I got to thanks MikeChow for his permission to use his theme as a template. I used some JuyuJohns ideas to... so credits to him too. I made this because i wanted a Tango Project styled interface like my *nix desktop so i decided to make this one. Hope you like it.

by FrisleyVelasquez

Bliss Nano

BlissNano WPS BlissNano Filebrowser
This was made off of poke_me_not's JayChouV1 theme, with his permission. I changed the background and some text. Everthing is included in the zip. Enjoy!

By BrockNorman

tunes for nano

Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517

Chanel Nano

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008


boxesMod preview

This is an adaptation of the boxes wps, to include more info (time and date, battery time and percent, folder name) and make the background black.

by RichardOwens

Clear Dark

ClearDark preview

A simple WPS that shows many information and "easy to read"

Last changed : 04/07/2008 (progress bar tags updated)

by AntoineJour

Clear Abst

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Clear Abst2

Clearabst2 preview

Just a color invertion of the last one...

Last changed : 04/07/2008 (progress bar tags updated)

by AntoineJour

Clear Light

ClearLight preview

A lighter modification of the Clear Dark theme.

Last changed : 04/07/2008 (progress bar tags updated)

by AaronUrbanski

Black Glass for Nano

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

by JohannesHolzhaeuer

Remixed Black Glass for Nano

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

By Fatrix



Clone of the original Nano interface with a few alterations:
* Download:

Packaged as full theme. Uses nimbus-12 font. Usually has a transparent Apple logo for menu background, not included in case of potential copyright issues.

By Steve Wells


A simple FSM theme for the iPod Nano. Brushed Metal for the Nano was used as a template, with permission from the author.

Download NanoFSM Theme

by Patrick Walker


Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517


Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517

Dark Geek

Dark Geek

iPod Nano version of Dark Geek
A simple console based theme designed to display important information in a clean and clear way.
* Download:
* Edit #1 - Added sleep timer, and moved "Next Song" info to two lines.
* Edit #2 - Fixed a problem with the font if loading from a WPS that used custom fonts.
By Spader


Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Posted By BrockNorman

nOS Blue

nOS Blue WPS nOS Blue File Browser

This theme was created and posted by Icewind on the Rockbox forums. No special patched build is needed. This theme uses the neodore-8 font, which is not included but is available in the font pack on the download page.
* Download:
Posted By BrockNorman



This my first attempt to make RockBox skin. Check readme for some more notes about using it in Sim adn real device.
* Download:
By AlexeyTveritinov

Black Glass MGr

Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

A modified version of Black Glass by MarkusGritsch.

Clix Nano

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Mixb Red Black

Mixb Red Black WPS Mixb Red Black Browser
This theme was created by mixb on the rockbox forums. It will work on any unpatched build. The required 6X13 font is included, which is capable of displaying cyrillic characters. The volume meter was borrowed from madsic's Jack theme series. Thanks goes to him for the work on it. Any comments or questions can be directed to mixb in this forum thread.
Posted by BrockNorman Last changed : 04/07/2008 (progress bar tags updated)
*Download: Mixb Red

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu WPS

Menu With Album Art Without Album Art
Haruhism strikes again. Requires both Scrolling Margins and Album Art patch. Album Art should be 75x75 in size. Frankenfont is included and supports Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.
By Farpenoodle (YuShengTan)

MaxVision nano

maxVision play maxVIsion file

Accessibility theme.
This theme is designed to help visualy-impaired people to use rockbox. The goal is to maximise character size without removing too much (useful?) information. Colors have also been chosen to maximize contrast while keeping an hopefuly pleasant look.
Some ideas and bits have been shamelessly borrowed from the ipodvision theme. Thx to JuyuJohns!


Posted by OlivierArsac

nClix Theme

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Xbox 360 Theme

Removed for copyright reasons. ChristiScarborough 20070517

Xbox 360 Dashboard

I realized after finishing this for the iPod 5g that someone had actually requested this for the Nano...Sooo...I ported it over. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

Xbox 360 Dashboard Nano Theme -- DanManners - 12 Jan 2007

TextBox by bascule

Given that some of the fantastic fonts that come with Rockbox are stuffed full of graphical glyphs, it seemed like a good idea to write a pseudo-graphical WPS using only text elements.
TextBox is the result. Using one of the standard Rockbox fonts (6x10.fnt), I designed the WPS to include as many box and icon-style characters as possible.
Because of the WPS format limitations, long tags will spill out of the right-hand side of the screen and the box border will not be visible.
This is a problem with graphical WPSs as well. This is also the reason that I have not included any scrolling tags, as this would currently ruin the left-hand side icons as well.
This will hopefully be fixed in the near future with the WPS partial scroll patch...

The top line has icons for shuffle and repeat status along with a battery indicator.
The play indicator has a single icon for all states and flashes when paused.
Below the progress bar is the playlist info Track # / Total # tracks plus the playlist name.
This is the .m3u/.m3u8 filename if you have started playlist playback from the playlist catalog or any other place in the file browser.
Volume is showing LN to indicate Line Out level (i.e., 0dB/100%)

This shows a Dynamic playlist generated by just starting playback from the File Browser or DataBase.
The fallback indications for non-existent tag metadata are also shown.

This shows the WPS when either fast-forwarding or rewinding,
when the genre tag is replaced by Track current time / Track total time to assist in cueing up within a track.

Download TextBox right here

PHK1 for Ipod Nano


PHK1 WPS Reformatted for Ipod Nano. Uses standard build and xtal-14.fnt Font file (standard font in the Fonts download). Original design and artwork by PHK Brasil for the Ipod Video. This is a complete theme file. PHK1 WPS Reformatted for Ipod Nano

Posted by Bob Morris (Bone)

phkVH for iPod Nano

This is a theme I did in tribute to the classic "Mighty Mighty" Van Halen from the early age.

  • The Volume section has a "chicken head" vintage knob, that drives a guitar amp stack with 8 speakers. As the volume is increased, the knob rotates and the speakers goes "lighting"
  • The battery level is measured by an analog VU meter
  • A vinyl record icon indicates Memory Access
  • A locker icon for the Hold
  • Player status icons (Play/Pause/FF/Rew)
  • Shuffle mode icon
  • Repeat modes icons
  • Volume displayed in dBs
  • Battery level displayed in percentage
  • Time display
  • Current track info: Name/Artist/Album
  • Next track info: Name and Artist alternatings
  • Track position on the playlist
  • Elapsed and remaining track time (Flashs when in Pause)
  • Track properties: Format/Kbs/Constant or Variable Bitrate

You can leave a feedback HERE

Hope you enjoy ♪

* Download:

-- PauloHenriqueKikunaga - 22 Jun 2007

AAPod Theme

aapod_theme.png aapod_menu.png

Album art is important to me, so I made one for the Nano as big as possible! Its set at 100x100 which is easily viewable on the Nano screen. You MUST use my build to use it as it needs a larger image buffer than the default one used on most builds. For updates and more information, goto

Posted by iPodFoo (Billy Blair)



This is pretty much the same theme as above except this version does not need any special patches or builds! I made it use helvB10 font (a bold version of the helvR10 font), so various other fonts can be used as well. It uses 100x100 album art (go here to find out how to extract album art from iTunes). In order for it to work with the default image buffer, I had to comment out various audio format indicators with a (#) in front of their line. If you use those audio formats and want them to show a proper audio format indicator instead of a (???) icon, uncomment them and comment out some others as the whole theme is too much to handle for the audio buffer. If you have noticed any bugs or have questions at all about this theme, you can pm me at the forums (crzyboyster).

Should work on any recent build 6/26/08.


-- crzyboyster on rockbox forums

Ubuntu Theme


This is the iPod 5g Ubuntu theme made by David Marsh ported to the Nano by Conna Naginiraha. No special patches or fonts are needed for this theme.

Posted by Brock Norman


Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

Posted by spiorf (Federico Corradino)

Komugi Theme

Now Playing Menu

Download Komugi Theme

This theme is based off the Nurse Witch Komugi anime.

It requires scrolling margins and placeable progressbar patches. (the build for the nClix theme has those)

-- RandyThiemann - 21 Aug 2007


Menu Screen WPS with albumart WPS with albumart WPS without albumart

Download: blueorange 1.1

Download: blueorange 1.1 psd source

This is my second theme. It provides albumart support for 75x75 pictures. It also includes the Tango 12x12x16 icons.

Update 14 Dec 2007: Version 1.1 -> More information displayed.

-- JohannesHolzhaeuer - 07 Dec 2007

crashbox for nano

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

Super Mario theme for nano

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008

PHK1 Remix;filename=PHK1_b.png;filename=PHK1_b.png

This theme is a rework of the already existant theme PHK1 theme for the nano. I changed the font, icons, and both bgs (wps and menus). The font being used is a new one called "Pixo" and I used it because I thought it would fit the cool, sleek, black-grey look. The icons are the tango set. Edit/modify as you see fit. Enjoy!

Original design and artwork by PHK Brasil for the Ipod Video found here


-- crzyboyster on rockbox forums


Removed for licensing reasons.

slant with Album Art

Removed for licensing reasons.


Menu Screen of Cabbie3 Nano WPS No AA Screen of Cabbie3 Nano WPS w/ Album Art Screen of Cabbie3 Nano

This is a port of the cabbie3 (no relation to Cabbie 2.0 here!) theme made by ZincAlloy from the ipod video version. It uses the helvR10 font and I had to align the text all the way to the top for now until viewports are committed because otherwise the theme looks "unbalanced". In order for a black menu background, you have to go to Settings > Theme Settings > Clear Backdrops. It looks exactly like the screenshots.

DOWNLOAD cabbie3 for nano theme

-- crzyboyster on rockbox forums


Menu Screen of corners WPS No AA Screen of corners WPS w/ Album Art Screen of corners

This is my first theme that I made completely by myself. It uses a special font that I converted using the RockboxFontConvertor and is called "Pixo" (included) and the icon set used is the tango iconset (also included). Uses 55x55 album art and if no album art is found, the album art box will be displayed. I am waiting for viewports conditionals so that you won't have to see the box. You can get the psd files if you want them by pming me on the rockbox forums. Enjoy!

Should work fine with any recent build.

DOWNLOAD corners theme

-- crzyboyster on rockbox forums

Aurora EN


Aurora Updated to use new WPS syntax

by Alon Presser

Aurora HE

Similar to the "Aurora EN" but in Hebrew, for hebrew users. Enjoy.

by Alon Presser

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