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iAudio M5, iRiver H1x0 & iPod 1G 2G 4G Greyscale WPS config file gallery

Please do not upload themes to these pages. Use the Rockbox Theme site instead

This Wiki page contains permissively licensed WPS files for the iAudio M5, iRiver H1x0 & iPod 1G 2G 4G Grey series of DAP's, for other models and instructions on how to upload WPS's see WpsGallery.

For all iAudio m5, iRiver H1x0 & iPod 1G 2G 4G Grey WPS files not (currently) released under a permissive license please see WpsIriverH100Graveyard

Broken Themes

You may run into themes that do not work, this means 1 of 2 things:
1. The theme is broken, or
2. The theme uses patches or features not currently part of SVN.

If after checking to make sure you have the correct build, the theme still does not work you can:

1.request the author fix the theme via email, a forum post or PM etc.

2.fix the theme yourself, you can use a simulator to help you (use the --debugwps switch) :

If you have fixed a theme, the updated version should be uploaded here (only, if the license is compatible, i.e.: CC-by-SA, GPL, etc.). Please honour the original author's intent and don't upload a "fix" which changes features or behavior. If you wish to modify a theme in this manner rerelease it under a new name.

Useful links for editing themes

warning Important warning

In case the theme you choose does not include the required font you should install the Rockbox font pack (install it the same way as a rockbox build).

Download Rockbox Font Pack

Table of Contents

iAudio M5 & iRiver H1x0 & iPod 1G 2G 4G Greyscale WPS config file gallery


Cabbie 2.0

cabbie2-1Pod1G2G-menu.png cabbie2-1Pod1G2G-WPS.png
  • Download: Included with Rockbox builds from r16126 onwards.

This was my attempt at a port of the Cabbie 2.0 theme for the Ipod 1G2G DAP. The screen dimensions are 160x128 so this should also work for other players with similar screens. It supports album art (64x64 pixels), but if album art isn't present it will use the full screen width. Album art should be converted to 4 color greyscale for best results (RGB values 0,0,0; 85,85,85; 170,170,170; and 255,255,255 are the recommended palette values).

-- MarkFawcus - 30 Apr 2008
arbox Widgets 160x128 greyscale

arbox Widgets

A quick conversion of the arbox Widgets iPod Mini WPS. Licensing is inherited from that - I have no objection to the NC clause being removed if the original author agrees. Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.---

-- MarkFawcus - 05 Aug 2008



A simple-ish WPS that does NOT support AlbumArt. Line 1 shows volume, track time remaining and battery. Lines 2-4 are Track title/Artitst/Album. Line 5 shows Year, and playlist position. Line 6 is the progress bar. Line 7 shows the next track title. Line 8 shows Shuffle status, (H=Hold active) play state (*=HDD active), Repeat status.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.---

-- MarkFawcus - 05 Oct 2008



This is a clean, readable WPS. I have tried to keep it simple, nice and to the point. I kept only the most useful information on the screen, and removed the silly stuff like bitrate, file type and all the rest of the useless info I never care about.

Alternating lines are kept to the minimum, so the important data is always on the screen.

Bold Screenshot 01

I drew all of the images myself. I find the WPS looks best with Nimbus 12. A theme file and a simple remote WPS is included in the zip file. To install Bold on your device, just unzip the archive in the unit's root directory.


Updated for current Rockbox builds on 2007-06-18. (Released to Public Domain by .wps comment) KarolyLorentey



A simpler "but stylish" WPS (with RWPS), with tons of info.; by using the status bar, an extra line (the peak meter) fits in,
while still using a font just large enough for car use--Chicago12 (which puts less space between lines). The design uses a modification
of the great marquee graphic design by Alastair Cassell as posted here, along with the nifty progress bar graphic by Remo Martinelli.

The images here do not show all the functions. Specifically, the top/artist line on the WPS also will show the playlist name, if any.
The WPS bottom text line alternates between the encoding bitrate + codec + vbr indication; genre; and next up title/album.
Scrolling also has been enabled. The RWPS has most of this info. as well (in alternating format), although not the artist/playlist info.

In the end, lots of info., but the busy-ness of the screen is kept down. The design is included as part of Rockbox.

  • WPS Images:



[WPS screen] [directory screen]
Version 1.0.1

This theme is inspired by the Rockbox logo. Originally created and tested on an iPod nano. I've modified it and tested for the iRiver H1x0 & iPod 4G Grey using the uisimulator software.

Testers wanted. Please leave feedback on forum topic 8279.0

  • Download: (version 1.1)
  • Version 1.1: Now uses Nimbus font family for multi-language support.
  • License: GNU GPL v2
  • This theme disables the default statusbar in both the WPS and "Files and Menu" screens.

Posted by RoanHorning, 19 Jan 2007

Ultima v1.0

[Download Ultima]


This version is for the iriver h100's. An ipod version with rtc is on the way. The remote line for artist and song (artist: song) has scrolled to look odd in the shot above.

Released under: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

by JamesDenman aka denny.

TextBox by bascule

Given that some of the fantastic fonts that come with Rockbox are stuffed full of graphical glyphs, it seemed like a good idea to write a pseudo-graphical WPS using only text elements.
TextBox is the result. Using one of the standard Rockbox fonts (6x10.fnt, not included because it is in the fonts pack), I designed the WPS to include as many box and icon-style characters as possible.
Because it has not been updated fully to ViewPorts, long tags will spill out of the right-hand side of the screen and the box border will not be visible.
This is also the reason that I have not included any scrolling tags, as this would currently ruin the left-hand side icons as well.

The top line has icons for shuffle and repeat status along with a battery indicator.
The play indicator has a single icon for all states and flashes when paused.
Below the progress bar is the playlist info Track # / Total # tracks plus the playlist name.
This is the .m3u/.m3u8 filename if you have started playlist playback from the playlist catalog or any other place in the file browser.
Volume is showing LN to indicate Line Out level (i.e., 0dB/100%)

This shows a Dynamic playlist generated by just starting playback from the File Browser or DataBase.
The fallback indications for non-existent tag metadata are also shown.

This shows the WPS when either fast-forwarding or rewinding,
when the genre tag is replaced by Track current time / Track total time to assist in cueing up within a track.

Download TextBox right here
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Calmer by bascule

I wrote this WPS for two reasons:
1. For the fun of learning the syntax of a WPS; however, not for the fun of trying to understand how to edit this Wiki... :-(
2. Because none of the available WPS choices gave me the clear Karma-like interface that I so love with that device. It's not complicated, but I like it wink

It's all done in text with no bitmaps, so it scales nicely with any font up to size 9. Above that information drops off the bottom of the screen.
I've specified nedore-9 in the config file, but it works perfectly with rockbox_default.
I haven't included the font in the zip file, because it is in the pack of fonts available from the daily builds page.
One day I may have a play around with bitmaps, but I really don't like fussy screens, so I'm not sure what else I would like to see. A version is also available in nimbus-14

This shows the WPS in standard rockbox_default font.

Here it is in all its nedore-9 glory. From the top:
Repeat Status. Shuffle Status. Battery Status (charging or %).
Title, Artist and Album all centred and scrolling. Tags are checked and defaulted where missing (see below for example).
Progress bar, slightly wider than by default.
Next Track shows Title and Artist, scrolling.
Track time remaining. Play/Pause/FF/Rew indicator. Playlist index and total. Volume.

Screenie showing handling with no tags present.

Screenie showing other Repeat and Shuffle options chosen.

Download calmer and calmer_big.wps, the nimbus-14 version here.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


Here is a very simple WPS I use. It has no images and shows no technical info (codec, bitrate, etc.), just the title and the artist of the current track. And, if there is space, the title of the next track. The numbers above the progress bar are the elapsed/remaining time (left and right), and the current/total number of the track in the playlist. The WPS code is below. It is so simple that it can be used with different fonts (and probably on many platforms but I haven't tried). There is no remote WPS as I don't use it.





The screenshots with different fonts (nimbus14, helv12, nimbus19, profont):

* License: Creative Commons Share Alike

-- SamuelKatz - 21 Aug 2008


Simple to read at least...

Key points are that the Helvetica font is quite narrow, so you can see a lot of info, but also very readable. Technical info is deliberately left off, like bitrate, because that's not something I typically need to know. It does have shuffle, lock icons etc..

Download. License: Creative Commons Share Alike

DanceMarquee v1.0


This is a modified version of the original Marquee WPS and includes images from the Marquee Nouveau WPS. I've modified the background image slightly (and included 2 alternative backgrounds for those who prefer not to have the progress bar boxed in or shaded. I've kept much of the information display the same from Marquee, but moved the year display from the same line as the album to between the two dancing puffs (which bounce up and down - what fun!)

A remote screen is in the works, so please be patient.

[Download DanceMarquee]

License: Creative Commons Share Alike

by BarendHavenga

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