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The iAudio M5, River H1x0 & iPod 1G 2G 4G Greyscale WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author.
When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed.
If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.

Britten WPS (by AlexWinter)

I love RockBox but so far none of the WPSs available 'do it' for me. I wanted a clean screen, easy to read with all the basics. I think I well succeeded. Here are screen caps of 'Britten', the second one shows the 'coming up next' function in the lower window (it's not always there b/c in my experience, having it there all the time is distracting).

  • Britten screen screenshot:

  • Britten screen screenshot w/ 'coming next':

Britten uses the luRS12-L1 font from

Because of the legnth of the code, I'm not putting it here. But I've attached a zip. Just 'extract' the all the zip files into your .rockbox folder and the font, .wps and supporting icon files will show up in the right place (or so my tests confirm).

Here's the zip:

I'd like to hear your feed back! -> goofydust AT yahoo DOTCOM

NOTES: 1. I can't test all the file format notices since I really only use .mp3 files -- let me know if there are any problems with this. 2. The 'S' with the arrows curving around it shows up with the 'shuffle' mode is on


I've made this WPS for iriver for people who have well tagged files... It's optimized for the font "snapfont" which is not very big
to be true... Note that the screenshot is not perfect since the last line is scrolling between nextsong and actual playlist... wink

#This WPS is optimized for "snap" font!!!
· %s%?ig<%ig|>
|-+ %s%?ia<%ia|%d2>
  |-+ %s%?id<%id|%d1> %?iy<(%iy)|>
    |-+ %s%?it<%it|%fn>
            (%?iv<Tag: id3v%iv|No tag>);%?ic<%s%t5Composer: %ic|>

   %pc / %pt           %?pp<[ %pp / %pe ]|>
%?It<%s%t5Next track: %It|%sNext track: %Fn>;%?Ia<%s%t5Next artist: %Ia|%sNext artist: %D2>;%?Id<%s%t3Next album: %Id|%sNext album: %D1>;%s%t4List: %pn
 %ffHz %| %?fv<%bt|  %bt> %| %?fv<%fbK  VBR| %fbK>


My iriver WPS is optimized for the font "nimbus12".

gblaster.png gblaster.png gblaster.png

WPS download:


This started as a wps in post from a user on MisticRiver who's id starts with Jon... I added playlist location and changed the background.

There are two interchangable backgrounds attached - name the one you want background1.bmp.

I don't know how to get a screenshot up here, but being that it's a Wiki, I'm assuming you can do it if that really bothers you. >)

The font I use is snap - others might work, too.

%ar%pv   %bt     
%ac%s%?id<%id|Album Unavailable>
%ac%s%?ia<%ia|Artist Unavailable>
%ac%s%?it<%it|Track Title Unavailable>
%ac%pp of %pe
%acElapsed %pc | %pt
%ac%?It<Next Track Is...|Loading Next Song Data...>
%ac%fc %fbK


WPS #1 (Helvetica WPS)

Font: helvB08.fnt

%alBat:%bl% %arVol:%pv%   
%s%ac%?id<%id|Unknown> %?iy<(%iy)>
%al%pc %ac%?ps<SFL> %ar%pt 
%ac%fc   %fbkbps   %fsKb

Download: Needed .bmp

WPS #2

Font: Snap


%s%ac%?id<%id|Unknown> %?iy<(%iy)>
%ac%pc/%pt [No.%pp/%pe] 
%ac%fc   %fbkbps   %fsKb
%acBatt:%bl     Vol:%pv

Download: Needed .bmps

WPS #3 (Modpod1.0)

Font: helvB12-L1.fnt

That disc in the center spins. Currently it spins all the time, but I'm working on a version where it will stop when paused, etc.

%?bp<%xdg|%?bl<%xdh|%xdi|%xdj|%xdk|%xdl>>%?mp<%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf>          %pv%?ps<%xdm> %?mm<|%xdo|%xdp|%xdq|%xdr>
%pp of %pe
%s%ac%?id<%id|Unknown> %?iy<(%iy)>

%ac%fc  %fbkbps  %fsKB

Download: Modpod1.0

WPS #4 (Joystick2 WPS)

Font: helvB08.fnt



%alNo. %arof
%al%pp %ar%pe
%al%pc %ar-%pr


A graphic-oriented WPS patterned on the iHP-1xx series joystick. The ffwd/rew/play icons are filled in when active. When paused, the play icon changes to a paused icon.

Download: Joystick2 WPS

WPS #5 (Common WPS)

Font: helvB12-L1.fnt

%x|a|Common Background 1.bmp|0|0|
%x|b|Common Background 2.bmp|0|52|
%?ps<%xdn> %?bp<%xdh|%?bl<%xdi|%xdj|%xdk|%xdl|%xdm>>%?mp<%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg> %?mm<|%xdp|%xdq|%xdr|%xds>          %ar%pv

%arNo. %pp of %pe


My 5th WPS, inspired by my favorite MC

Download: Common WPS


Here is a simple and clean WPS that I use on my iriver H140.
You can keep the toolbar enabled if you like the icons or disable them if you have no need for them.

%alBat:%bt  %arVol:%pvdB
%al%?ps<Shuffle> %ac%?mp<Stop|Play|Pause|Ffwd|Rew> %ar%?mr<Remote|>%?mh<Hold|>

%s%ac%?id<%id|Unknown> %?iy<(%iy)>
%al[%pp/%pe] %ar%pc/%pt
%ac%fc %?fv<VBR|CBR> %fbkbps %ffHz

%s%acNext Song



This is one that we're using on iriver H120s/H140s. It is based on designs by Jonny, svenbox and kenshin at MisticRiver.
I use it with the 6x13B font and find myself to be happier with it than the iriver's firmware display. Mostly that is because I have
the opportunity to show genre and/or composer in addition to the cool rockbox features showing next track and playlist name.
All of those will show in the bottom 2nd and 3rd to last lines if they are non-null and will rotate in 5s intervals.
Huge thanks goes out to Rockbox for giving us (iriver users) this sweet firmware with two features that I, for one, have desired most:
gapless playback and on-the-fly playlists.


%pc/%pt    %?ps<[%ps]|   >    %?pp<[%pp/%pe]|>
%?ig<%t5Genre: %ig %?iy<(%iy)|>|%?iy<%t8Year: %iy|>>;%?ic<%t5Composer: %ic|>
%?It<%t5Next:  %It|%sNext: %Fn>;%?Ia<%t5Next:  %Ia|%t0>;%t4List:  %pn
%ffHz  %?fv<%bt|  %bt>   %?fv<%fbK VBR|  %fbK>


Long Years I had to work with the custom Iriver Firmware, I liked the icons very much.
But rockbox is for sure the better alternative for playing my music, but I felt the need for a more "playful" kind of WPS and here it is:

Torben Mohrfeldt's WPS Screen Screen With Year

As You can see I used some blank lines in order to keep it readable and to avoid "information overflow".
Many of my files just have an artist and a title tag, further I need information about the album the track belongs to
if there's no album tag the directory1 is displayed (i.e. the directory "just below" the file). In the line under the progressbar
the last shown value is either the ID3-Tag Version Number (not important to me but I wanted some number to fill the space)
or if tagged (and very important for me) the year of release/recording. I translated the German words so you can see what the words mean.


Artist: %ia %s
Title: %it %s
%?id<Album: %id|Directory: %d1> %s
 %pc/%pt%|%fb Kbps%|%?iy<%iy|%iv> 

Coming Up Next       
 %s%t4%Ia; %s%t6%It



My WPS Customization


Trk.:%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
Art.:%s%?ia<%ia|%?d2<%d2|%?d1<Rock · box|>>>
Alb.:%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|xob · kcoR>>%?iy< (%iy)|>

-%pr  ·   %pc   ·   %pt
%?Fm<         %pp of %pe|>
%s%ffHz · %fbkbps %?fv< ·   VBR| ·   CBR>

%?It<%t5Next: %s%It|Next: %s%Fn>;%?Fm<%?Ia<%t5Next: %s%Ia|%?D2<%t5Next: %D2|>>>



%al%pc %ac%?pp<%pp of %pe|%fbkbps> %ar%pt
%ac%s%?It<%It|Loading Next Track Info>


This is a classic WPS I made using Chris Berkley's "Nextbar" bmp.
It is best viewable with chicago 12 as default font and statusbar turned on.
Visibility and rendering important data is the goal of this WPS.

File with WPS and bmp


I stole most of the images from the forum at Misticriver.
Download WPS and images.
The font is Helvetica 12pt medium from Rasher's extensive collection but xtal-14 works just as well. Enjoy.


Use font "neodore-9" and get WPS with "graphic support" smile and dynamic data monitoring (cleaned up the code, 11.12.2005)

%?ig<Genre: %t5%ig|%t5Genre: Unknown>;%?iy<Year: %t5%iy|%t5Year: Unknown>;%?pn<Playlist: %t5%pn|%t5Playlist: Unknown>
%pt/%?pt<%t5-%pr> @ %t5%pp/%t5%pe;%pt/%?pt<%t5+%pc> @ %t5%pp/%t5%pe
Current Volume:  %pvdB
Format: %fc%t5;Bitrate: %?fv <%fb%t5 Kbit/Sek VBR|%fb%t5 Kbit/Sek CBR>;Samplerate: %ff%t5 Hz;File size: %fs%t5 Kb
Battery: %bt @ %bl%%
%ac%t0.2:    :    :    :    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :;%ac%t0.3:;%ac%t0.3:    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :    :;%ac%t0.3:    :    :    :    :    :;%ac%t0.2:    :    :    :    :    :    :
%s%?It<Next song: %It|%Fm>
%s%?Ia<Artist: %Ia|%D1>
%s%?Id<Album: %Id|%D2>


This WPS has been renamed to 'boxes' and is included as standard in Rockbox builds dated 20051015 or later.
To use, go to General Options -> Display -> Browse WPS files and select 'boxes'.

This WPS uses the default font (or any 8 pixel high font - Rockbox ships with a few). The WPS file is 2k in size
and requires a Rockbox daily build dated 20051114 or later. It is based on a WPS by the_engineer from MisticRiver, found at To install extract the contents of the archive to your /.rockbox/wps/ directory.
Status bar needs to be turned off.


3d-1.png 3d-2.png


screenshot-engineeer2.jpg screenshot-engineeer2r.jpg

- The Engineeer II -
This theme is meant to be easily read, clutter-free and nice-looking.
The 'nice-looking' part perhaps everybody doesn't agree with, but I think that the other two goals are fulfilled.
Both WPS and RWPS are included.

- Use Nedore-8 or another 8px font.
- This WPS / RWPS is included in Rockbox.

Download engineeer2.ZIP



This is basically a reworking of Magnus's Engineer II, but using a 12 point font (I default to Nimbus-12) for those of use with not such good vision...

Download RedBreva.ZIP

Simply Rockbox

All 3 of my WPS's are designed with the status bar on. I like things to be straightforward and almost minimalistic,
hence the 2 only text WPS's and the 1 minimal graphics WPS.

you can download all my WPS's and the supporting bitmaps here
-17 November 2005 - Updated to include a simply-small.rwps (works with all 3 WPSes although the last line gets clipped
when paired with larger fonts)
-18 November 2005 - Updated to (1) include cfg files to place in the themes folder, (2) a simply-large.rwps, &
(3) a fix for the graphics in simply-rxbx.wps that broke after linus's fix.

simply small

Line below progress bar alternates (1) Year & Track # (2) File type + bitrate info

simply large

Line below progress bar alternates (1) Year & Track # (2) File type + bitrate info (3) Current playlist x of n (4) Next Song

simply rockbox

Line below progress bar alternates (1) Year & Track # (2) File type + bitrate info

by PhillipBonnevie


Circle Skin

Pretty decent skin with good functionality. Shouldnt be many bugs, and displays heaps of information.



All is in the name (surely not well choosen smile ) . It's a sober theme to show a lot of informations.


The remote control screen is very similar (I will post a screenshot when I will have the time).

You can download the zip file here :
  • The complete theme file

Just unzip the file at the root of your player. The zip file contain the '.rockbox' directory in which you'll find a complete theme : the wps (main LCD), the rwps (the remote control LCD)
and the cfg (config file for the theme) files and the images.

the font used is the : rockbox_default.fnt and without statusbar.

one little issue : When the artist name, album name or title name is larger than the screen, the images on the same line are hidden.


Oezuylasi Zora Malou Lied

ozuylasi.bmp update 20.12.2005 14:19

Download WPS ozuylasi.bmp: The complete theme ozuylasi.bmp file

Download WPS The complete theme file

Download RWPS The complete theme file

%ar%?mm<Off|All|Bir|ZuFall|A-B> %al%?mp< ## ## S T O P ## ##| ~ ~~ P L A Y ~~ ~|==- P-A-U-S-E -==|%> %>%> %> Ffwd %> %>%> %>|%< %<%< %< Rew %< %<%< %<>
%ac%pc -  %pr - %pt Vol: %pvdB %?pv<0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10>
Titel: %ac%pp von %pe
%ac%t4%?ig<Genre: %ig|Genre: NoGenre> %ac%t4%?iy<Jahr: %iy|Jahr: NoJahr>;%ac%t3%?pn<Playlist: %pn|Playlist: NoList>
Pil: %bt / %bl%% %arHold: %mh %mr
Bitrate: %?fv<%ac%t2%fb Kbit/S VBR|%ac%t2%fb Kbit/S CBR>;Samplerate: %ac%ff%t2 Hz;File size: %ac%t2%fs Kb;Format: %ac%t5%fc;ID3 Version: %ac%t2%iv;Song playcount:%ac%t2%rp
%ac%t0.2 N;%ac%t0.3 N E;%ac%t0.3 N E X;%ac%t0.4 N E X T;%ac%t0.4 N E X T;%ac%t0.5 N E X T - S;%ac%t0.6 N E X T - S O;%ac%t0.7 N E X T - S O N;%ac%t0.8 N E X T - S O N G;%ac%t0.8 NEXT SONG;
%s%ac%?Ia<%Ia|Lade Zora Lied...>
%s%ac%?It<%It|Lade Malou Lied...|%ac%Fm>


%ac%pc - %pr - %pt
%s%ac%t2Pil:%bt %bl%%;%s%ac%t2 Volume:%pvdB;Titel: %ac%pp%t2 von %pe%t2;Bitrate: %?fv<%ac%t2%fb Kbit/S VBR|%ac%t2%fb Kbit/S CBR>;Samplerate: %ac%ff%t2 Hz;File size: %ac%t2%fs Kb;%s%ac%t2Pil:%bt %bl%%;%s%ac%t2 Volume:%pvdB;Format: %ac%t2%fc;%ac%t2%?ig<Genre: %ig|Genre: NoGenre> %ac%?iy<Jahr: %iy|Genre: NoJahr>;%ac%?pn<Playlist: %t2%pn|Playlist: NoList>;
%s%ac%t5%?It<%It|Lade Malou Lied...|%ac%Fm>;%s%ac%t5%?Ia<%Ia|Lade Zora Lied...>;
%s%ac%?Ia<%Ia|Lade Zora Lied...>



And a slight revision of Marquee from above, Marquee-adapted, which includes rotator's nifty Rockbox name graphic from; the use of codec graphics tags; and some tweaks to the code, especially to provide some improved defaults
where tag information does not exist.

  • Marquee-adapted:




Updated on 2006-09-24: graphics should look correct now (non-inverted)

Unicode skin!

This skin uses the unifont.fnt file, which means that you'll be able to view tags and filenames in any language.
This works with any skin, of course, but since this font is rather large, 16 pixels high, it messes the skin up unless it's designed right.
This WPS is based on boxes, which is included in the distribution, but most things have been modified.
The remote control is mostly the same as the main screen.

*Don't forget to convert your tags to unicode, if you haven't already! *
Otherwise you'll be able to view only one other language by using a default codepage, except for English (and other ascii-based languages).
Foobar2000 and Unicode Rewriter are recommended tools for that.

Here's a few screencaps:


uniskin_screenshot1.png uniskin_screenshot2.png

There's a lot of stuff happening in this WPS:

  • The first line shows a battery indicator, battery time left, and a play indicator.
    The play indicator is an animated spinning disc, and the pause/ffwd/rewd icons are also blinking.
  • Next, the song title
  • Third, the artist name, and also album name.
  • 4th, track number, track time/total, switches to playlist number/total
  • progress bar, and other indicators..
  • next to last is the the next file in the playlist, title and artist.
  • last, vu-meters.

Notice that the current song in the screenshots shows in Japanese, and the next song that shows at the bottom is in Korean. Yay!

Download, and unzip the file right in your .rockbox-directory. The zip file contains the .wps, .rwps and .cfg file, plus all needed bitmaps:

I'd post the code for the main .wps file, but it's too damn big for comfort. I've commented most things though, so it should be fairly clear.
I'm thinking I have to make another unifont-based WPS, with less clutter, and easier to read, but that's for later.




This skin uses the alutBS18-L1.fnt which is ridiculously big. It's for viewing and navigating through files while driving a car. It's very usable the rest of the time, I believe.
I have used it for a few months (before Themes, hence the ASCII divider). I have excellent vision, and still prefer the large size.

Here's the main screendump:


source is:
%ac/     HB     \

And it's just that easy. Obviously, change the "HB" in the middle to your initials wink

I may add some of the battery meter stuff. Please drop me a note if you improve it, it was just my first stab at it and it kind of stuck.

Screendump of repeat/shuffle is very busy-looking, but I never use those, so its okay for me.




Small(ish)-font wps with spinning disc and relatively clean look


The disc at the top left flashes to indicate pause, spins to indicate playback, spins faster for FF and spins in reverse for REW. The volume is shown as both a "bar" indicator and numerical value.

The kbps info line alternates between Genre and MP3 info, and when the battery is almost dead (or charging) it also adds the remaining battery details to the alternating line.

The "Coming Up" section shows battery info instead when there is no next track information available.

The font used is nedore9, and there is a cfg file included in the zip which activates it.

Unzip the file to the root of your iriver and it will place the wps, cfg and image files in the right spots. Select the LlamaBeta theme to activate.

Comments are welcome to larry_llama (at) fastmail (dot) fm

Hope you like it!

Download and unzip to the iriver's root

Code not included for brevity (it won't work well without the rest of the zipfile regardless)




SimpleHelv.PNG - unzip into .rockbox. I've thoroughly commented the .wps for ease of editing.

It started out as simple anyway; I suppose anything with "Next" can't be considered simple. ...and then I added drop shadows to things, including the progress bar. However, there is no alternating text, no technical detail clutter (bitrate, dB etc.).

It uses the default installed Helvetica (HelvR12). I'm surprised more don't use this or other Helveticas. This one leaves a bit of a gap at the bottom, but has a nice high line spacing for readability. It's also good and narrow, so plenty can fit on without scrolling (for instance, as much as nedore9 in LarryLlama, but much more readable).



A clear and simple theme for the iriver H1xx.

clean - Main Display clean - Remote Display

The theme uses the unicode font for compatibility and clarity, and uses the default status bar.

The main screen shows the track title, the artist, album, progress bar, song elapsed/remain, playlist position/total, bitrate and the track that is coming up next. This last line switches between the artist and the track title every 5s.

The remote screen shows the track title, the artist and the song elapsed/remain.

  1. Download this zip and extract.
  2. Copy the .cfg file into .rockbox/themes
  3. Copy the .wps and the .rwps file into .rockbox/wps
  4. Go to the settings menu (A-B button on H1xx), then Browse themes and then select the clean theme.

Here's the code:



wps: /.rockbox/wps/clean.wps
rwps: /.rockbox/wps/clean.rwps
font: /.rockbox/fonts/unifont.fnt
statusbar: on

by BobCastle



Here's a WPS that manages to pack a lot of information onto the screen while still maintaining a pretty clean look, IMO. (Kind of like a fusion between the iPod WPS's and the Marquee WPS.) It includes Next info, as well as alternating misc info about the current song (composer, file size, bitrate, etc.)

The Message Screenshot 01 The Message Screenshot 02 The Message Screenshot 03

The very top line of information alternates between the battery percentage and the battery time left (except when charging, when it only displays the battery percentage). The battery level displayed changes even when the unit is plugged in (so you can see how much it's charged). The line after the space in the middle alternates between various miscellaneous information, including technical data (bitrate, filetype, etc.), file size, genre/year, and composer. It also has Next info at the bottom, which shows Song Name/Artist.

All of the images are my own except for a few I borrowed from the ipodVOL WPS. Also, I was very influenced by a lot of other existing WPS's.

Also, it has a remote wps (rwps) as well, and is included in the zip file as a theme. It uses the Nimbus 12 font. To install, just unzip into the unit's root directory (or manually copy the files to the right places).




This is the first wps that I made. The new progress bar tag with height and x-y position inspire me to do it. I was first trying to make the cassette image by myself but then I found most practical to get it from a real cassette image from internet. Also I took the icons from others wps that I like it.

Retro Screenshot

It uses the Snap font. To install, just unzip into the unit's wps directory (or manually copy the files to the right places).


Gustavo Giannuzzi


This is my second wps. I was thinking in some 4 grey wps with the headphones and volume things. I found the background on internet and took the icons (again) from other existing WPS's.

Headphones Screenshot

It uses the Snap font. To install, just unzip into the unit's wps directory (or manually copy the files to the right places).


Gustavo Giannuzzi




Font: Nimbus-14


The following two WPS require patch 5627 to work properly in grayscale.

AMwps (monochrome and grayscale)
amwpsbw.png amwps.png

Uses font: snap
WPS download:

AMwps v2 (monochrome and grayscale)
A slightly updated version of the WPS above. Includes the font Nokia Cellphone FC (nokiafc22.fnt), with kind permission from the creator, Zeh Fernando.

AMwpsV2bw.png AMwpsV2.png

Uses font: nokiafc22 (included)
WPS download:

GBlaster from OliverEsseling

This is my final version (so far) of the gblaster.wps for all people who like ghettoblasters, boomboxes
and the classic c64 game ;)
uses nedore-8.fnt
update: now with crossfade/replaygain-info, a bigger progress bar and a backdrop

gblaster.png gblaster_bd.png gblaster_r.png

The idea was to go back to the roots of all portable music - the ghettoblaster.
The cassette is animated and i put the imo most important infos into the wps.
Be sure to use nedore-8.fnt

get it here

Tech WPS from DavidBrickell

This is only my second WPS but I thought it was worthy of uploading.
This is for use with Nimbus12 font.



beveledRBX by MathieuStempell

Here is a grayscale WPS, named beveledRBX the graphics are mainly made of beveled forms. ;)
The nimbus-12 font is used. It got 20 levels on battery for precise display.

beveledRBX1.png beveledRBX2.png



Marquee Nouveau

To the extent of interest, an updated version of the Marquee-adapted WPS, Marquee Nouveau, for the iRiver H1xx players.
The principal difference is the use of a graphical control panel rather than the default Rockbox status bar. (Also, because of
current limitations as to the number of images, I use text in place of images for the codecs indicators--a side benefit is, they tend
to be easier to see.)

As with the Marquee-adapted WPS, Marquee Nouveau displays a great deal of information, in both the WPS and the RWPS
(included as well, and containing the vast majority--but not all--of the information shown in the WPS), but without crowding
and for a relatively larger font, Nimbus-12. The control panel includes an indicator for crossfaded playback, as well as a charging
battery graphic (which also flashes to show a low state).

The attached zip file includes the WPS and RWPS files, the needed images, a cfg file, and a png file showing the WPS and RWPS
in operation. Many thanks to those noted earlier for their various images used here, as well as thanks to Karoly Lorentey for new images,
some of which have been adapted, from his Bold WPS (shown and included above).

  • Marquee Nouveau screenshots:




AA_Grey.png AA_Grey_b.png

-- JeremyCayot - 31 Dec 2007

r8 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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