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iRiver H10 5GB WPS config file gallery

Please do not upload themes to these pages. Use the Rockbox Theme site instead

This Wiki page contains permissively licensed WPS files for the iRiver H10 5GB DAP, for other models and instructions on how to upload WPS's see WpsGallery.

Broken Themes

You may run into themes that do not work, this means 1 of 2 things:
1. The theme is broken, or
2. The theme uses patches or features not currently part of SVN.

If after checking to make sure you have the correct build, the theme still does not work you can:

1.request the author fix the theme via email, a forum post or PM etc.

2.fix the theme yourself, you can use a simulator to help you (use the --debugwps switch) :

If you have fixed a theme, the updated version should be uploaded here (only, if the license is compatible, i.e.: CC-by-SA, GPL, etc.). Please honour the original author's intent and don't upload a "fix" which changes features or behavior. If you wish to modify a theme in this manner rerelease it under a new name.

Useful links for editing themes

warning Important warning

In case the theme you choose does not include the required font you should install the Rockbox font pack (install it the same way as a rockbox build).

Download Rockbox Font Pack

Table of Contents

iRiver H10 5GB WPS config file gallery

HiPod For iRiver H10 5GB (by AlastairCassell)

Removed for copyright reasons. -- JohannesVoggenthaler - 04 May 2008


[WPS screen] [directory screen]
Version 1.1

This theme is inspired by the Rockbox logo. Originally created and tested on an iPod nano. I've modified it and tested for the iRiver H10 (5gb) using the uisimulator software.

  • Download: (version 1.1)
  • Version 1.1: Now uses Nimbus font family for multi-language support.
  • License: GNU GPL v2
  • This theme disables the default statusbar in both the WPS and "Files and Menu" screens.

Posted by RoanHorning, 09 Feb 2007

Lavenia 2.0 (Rebirth)

Lavenia WPS screenshot Lavenia WPS screenshot Lavenia WPS screenshot Lavenia WPS screenshot Lavenia WPS screenshot

This theme was designed to get the biggest possible album art on the H10.
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
  • Version "Lavenia Rebirth": General update to make the best out of the current possibilities
  • Requirements: multifont patch

  • Left stars = battery indicator; Right stars = Volume
  • Screenshot 01: Album Art (Album display size is 91px)
  • Screenshot 02: Album Art AND FFW/REW
  • Screenshot 03: No Album Art OR Hold switch in Album Art
  • Screenshot 04: No Album Art AND Hold switch
  • Screenshot 05: Menu

  • Battery time display
  • More infomation during FFW and REW
  • Hold indicator
  • Full information display in Album Art mode with Hold switch
  • Main progess bar refined
  • Big Clock Display in "No Album Art + hold switch"

Click Here to Download

Have Fun!!! Posted by SachaMuellerPhilippsSohn

Ultima v1.0

[Download Ultima]


Released under: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

by JamesDenman aka denny

Cabbie 2.0

cabbie2h105gbwps.png cabbie2h105gbwpsnoaa.png cabbie2h105gbmenu.png

Download: Unifont version:

This is Cabbie 2.0 adapted for the default theme contest. This version sports a simplyfied version of the official logo. The alignment of the wps info is dependant on the use of album art. If no album art is found it aligns to the center. With album art the info text becomes left aligned.

-- JohannesVoggenthaler - 18 Dec 2007

AA Simple


Download: Download AA Simple

  • This is a simple WPS that uses full screen (128x128 px) album art.
  • It doesn't require any fonts and it's not bundled with a theme.
  • License: Public Domain (PD)

-- JamesRossGowan - 22 Dec 2008

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