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iRiver H3x0 and iPod 4G Color/Photo WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author.
When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed.
If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.

1-bit Monotone

Mad Big Sausage ALERT! BROKEN

A (mostly) all inclusive Wps for iriver H300s


This wps allows viewing most of what you'd need to know at a glance.

Display for current and next song details, playlist and position in playlist, shuffle and repeat status, playing/paused/stoped/scanning, battery % and time left/plugged in and details about the encoding.

I borrowed the dancing puffs from "DancePuffDuo.wps" which comes with rockbox. (Thank's to who ever made them)

It's best to use a small font (I based it on clR6x8-8859-2.fnt but similar sizes fit too).

There is a small issue with overlap between the next song details and the dancing pufs for long track names/artists/albums but it doesn't come up very often.

To use this wps extract this zip to your wps directory ( /.rockbox/wps/ ).



This WPS is very simple, as that's how I prefer them. It was designed to work with the 6 x 12 font.

[Menu Screen]

To use this wps extract this zip to your player.


Raymond Ho's iAmp WPS, modified by MichaelDiFebbo to fit the H300 LCD.


  • iAmp300 WPS with theme file, rwps, and BMPs


A WPS for H3x0. This was inspired by the engineeer2 WPS.


The WPS has its own statusbar that shows: battery, external power, playback status, shuffle, repeat, buttonlock (remote,main unit), HD status.
Other info that is shown: playlist position/length, artist, album, title, filetype, vbr/cbr, samplingrate, bitrate, volume, remaining/total time, peakmeter,
progress bar, genre, year, artist/album/title of the next track.
If no artist/album/title is specified in the filetag, the WPS shows the file/directorynames.

  • The playlist length should not exceed 9999 entries.
  • The song should not be longer then 59 (or 99) minutes.
  • Very long genres don't fit into the box.

In order to have the WPS looking as intended, you should use the following settings:

  • Font: nimbus-12 (other fonts with a height of 12 pixels should work too)
  • Peak Meter - Scale: Logarithmic(dB)
  • Peak Meter - Minimum Of Range: -52dB
  • Peak Meter - Maximum Of Range: 0dB

To install this WPS extract this zip-file into your player.

By PaulJam


A very detailed text based WPS designed for the H3x0.
It looks best with either nmail-8 or rockfont-8 but also fits on screen when using rockbox_default or the other small fonts.
Remove the line returns and you can also use the snap font.

JustText.PNG Just Text Theme files

SteveLawson - 10 Jan 2006


Now Playing


24-Bit Colour


JoltSteel 24bit WPS

Now Playing

  • Download:
  • All settings are included in the .cfg file
  • Font: snap
  • Background: Black
  • Foreground: Silver

Zip file contains ----> .wps | Folder | .cfg Place the .wps and folder, into the "wps" folder in the ".rockbox" folder Place the .cfg file, into the "themes" folder in the ".rockbox" folder Now press "A-B" and go to "Browse Themes", select the file and Hey Presto


by Jolt - 31 Jan 2006

Elephant 2.0

My wife loves elephants, so this is the theme I created for her H320.

You can download the zip file here

The Zip File contains
  • WPS folder with elephant2.wps file & image folder
  • Themes folder with elephant2.cfg
  • Backdrops folder with 3 backdrops

This WPS works with a regular CVS build of Rockbox & takes advantage of the new %pb|8|90|220| wps tag, and the backdrops.

by PhillipBonnevie



This is a modified version of DancePuffDuo in the monochrome section. It would work as a mono theme as well, without the backdrop.

The idea is to get as much data on the screen in a clean, easy-to-read way, and leave room for a backdrop. I've used Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse, but you could use all sorts of artwork, particularly if most of the "action" occurs in the copious open space.

Progress bar at the bottom to make it easy to find and to not obstruct any images.

And if you want to re-include them, I left the Dance Puff Duo bmps in the distribution.


Uploaded by KenSmall



This is a port of the iPod video Crossbones theme by Kaleb Anderson (link)


by ThomasBell


Removed for copyright reasons -- DavidHall - 13 Nov 2008

by PiesJulius (P.I.Julius)

Altered's Theme

[Menu Screen] [WPS Screen]

[Download Altered's Theme In RAR Form]
[Download Altered's Theme In ZIP Form]
This is a very simple theme that I made that is totally customized to me and my likes. It has a pretty clean
display that offers all the pertinent information at a glance, and it is easy to read at night as well as during
the day. It is limited in only two ways, it does not have a hard drive use indicator (I have not really seen a
need for one), and it does not support album art. (I do not really care for album art and so for me it was not
an option I wanted to support.) In the future I may make some changes and add features (like a improved lcd
layout for the remote.)

On a side note I did try to annotate things clearly throughout my theme, and it is not too out there in any way
as far as add-ons and plugin dependencies, so if you are looking at doing a theme this might be a good one to
use as a template to work from.

by AndrewPrice (Andrew "Altered" Price)

Cabbie 2.0 Classic

cabbie2.0.1 cabbie2.0.1

Download: Cabbie 2.0

This is a complete rework of the Cabbie theme in web 2.0 style with glossy buttons and icons and heavy use of gradients. album art is 75x75. If anybody wants to port this to other targets, please contact me. I will send you the original graphics.

-- JohannesVoggenthaler - 25 Jun 2008

Construction Yellow Theme





This theme is loosely based on the Heavy Equipment theme created for Desktopx.

It requires the newer builds of Rockbox that support viewports.

The album artwork for this theme should be 75x75 pixels. Title, Artist, Album and Next song scroll for viewing. Construction Yellowest is a little more on the yellow side.

By StephenSquires aka Stephen Squires Feb 6, 2008

Green Yellow PJ Theme



This theme is based on the excellent pauljam theme and has had more colour added to it.

It requires the newer builds of Rockbox that support viewports.

Title, Artist, Album and Next song scroll for viewing purposes.

By StephenSquires aka Stephen Squires Feb 6, 2008

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