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Sansa c200 WPS Graveyard

These are themes which do not have a permissive license, and thus can not be modified by anyone other than the original author. When the replacement theme site is complete only themes with an approved license (CC-by-SA) will be allowed. If you are the original author of one of the themes found below you are free to clearly license your theme, ensure it meets the ThemeGuidelines, and then move it to the appropriate WpsGallery page.


A simple, text only WPS that can be used on many platforms and with various fonts. Since the c200's display is rather small, I use nimbus-12 on it. Only the song name and artist are shown (no album name). The numbers above the progress bar are: elapsed time, track number in the playlist/total number of songs in the playlist, remaining time. The next song info doesn't fit on c200 but does on other platforms. I use the WPS unchanged. -- by SamuelKatz






r1 - 01 Aug 2008 - 21:29:42 - MarcGuay

Copyright by the contributing authors.