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xDuoo X3ii (& X20)


This is the page for the xDuoo X3ii port. The information here also applies to the xDuoo X20, though the technical specifications are slightly different.

Main Features

  • No internal memory
  • Expandable microSDXC card slot
  • Bluetooth (not working with Rockbox)


  • 2.4" TFT display (240x320)
  • 3.7 V / 2000 mAh battery
  • Size: 102.5×51.5×14.9mm
  • Weight: 112g


  • 2.5" TFT display (240x320)
  • 3.7 V / 2400 mAh battery
  • Size: 110×56×16.6mm
  • Weight: 138g


The X3ii and X20 are built on the same hardware/software platform as the AgptekRocker.


  • SoC: Ingenic X1000 (32MB integrated LPDDR)
  • DAC: AK4490
  • Amps: OPA1652 and LMH6643


  • SoC: Ingenic X1000 (32MB integrated LPDDR)
  • DAC: ESS9018K2m
  • Amps: OPA1612

The stock firmware (and Rockbox) runs as an application under an Android Linux kernel.


Rockbox functions well on this, and nightly builds are considered stable for day-to-day use.

Integration into rbutil has not started. Here are the steps necessary to construct a patched firmware image:

  • Build or download the bootloader
  • Obtain a stock firmware image
  • Patch the firmware image with the bootloader
  • Rename the patched firmware file to update.upt and place it into the root directory of the SD card
  • Grab the latest daily build for the player and unzip it into the root directory of the SD card
  • Go into the settings menu and select firmware update.
  • Upon reboot, select Rockbox from the initial menu

Here you can download the current bootloader builds, along with "binary patches" that can be easily applied to stock firmware update images using the "bspatch" utility:

Player OF version URL
X3ii v1.3
X20 v1.8

bspatch original_update.upt patchfile.bsdiff patched_update.upt

For convenience, here are pre-patched images:

Player OF version URL
X3ii v1.3
X20 v1.8

NOTE: These will go away once rbutil supports these players.

-- SolomonPeachy - 03 Jul 2020

r6 - 06 Apr 2021 - 16:44:05 - PurlingNayuki

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