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Xclef player information

General information

Xclef makes two harddrive players, the HD-500 and the HD-800. Model 500 uses a 2.5" disk, while model 800 uses an 1.8" disk. For information related to Multichannel's flash player MT-500 see XclefMT500 wiki page.

The players are sometimes sold OEM under other names, such as for the Xclef HD500:

and for the Xclef HD800:


I found some reviews with lots of photos in a dutch forum:

Size comparison:

Photo of HD-500 internals (from Emmau):

Hardware seen in the photo: Hardware not seen in the photo:

Photo of HD-800 internals (by Roland):

Hardware seen in the photo:

Motorola sample block schematic (from Emmau):

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