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About me

My name is Zakk Roberts. I'm on the IRC channel pretty much every day (my nick is 'midkay'). I tend to code interface/GUI improvements and plugin updates (the Clock plugin is mostly all my work). I've been using Rockbox for almost three years, and have been doing Rockbox coding for nearly as long. I have an Archos Recorder and a 5G iPod (60GB, black).

Here at the Wiki, I try to fix any errors I come across, keep consistent formatting on all pages and keep everything up-to-date, and make things as simple and accessible as possible.

Personal Preferences (details in %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiVariables)
  • Horizontal size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXWIDTH = 70
  • Vertical size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXHEIGHT = 17
  • Style of text edit box. width: 99% for full window width (default), width: auto to disable.
    • Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
  • Optionally write protect your home page: (set it to your %TWIKIWEB%.WikiName)

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  • %TWIKIWEB%.DefaultPreferences has site-level preferences of Wiki.
  • WebPreferences has preferences of the Wiki.Main web.
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